Contactless payment implant

Hello all! This is my first time here! I would like to know if any of you have been able to use your implant for contactless payments? That’s all really what I’m interested in using my chip for at the moment. Any comments, suggestions/ help is highly appreciated!!

Thank you in advance!

I live in the USA by the way, if that matters.

Check out

I’ve filled out the questionnaire already. What is the next step?

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Currently you would need to purchase a Purewrist GO (the only one that works in the US) and send it to DT using the payment conversion service. It’s less than ideal though because it expires. MasterCard will currently not allow us to activate the payment capabilities of the Apex implant that would not expire

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Several people have, but they have to be payment cards converted by Dangerous Things. As @satur9 said the purewrist bracelet is the easiest US conversion at the moment, but it expires.

I have a purewrist mentioned above in L4, it works pretty good,…with good readers…
sadly the veriphone readers that a plentiful in my area are built rather shitty according to @Satur9 when he took one apart

I’ve used mine at various vending machines gas pumps etc, the veriphone readers just a a super shit and small field due to a terrible antenna


it is the holy grail!!! :smiley:

This is spot on! The PureWrist conversion chips work fine, as long as it’s with a good reader.

I have already embarrassed myself plenty of times waving my hand over the verphone readers while the clerk looks at me like I’m crazy. Not planning to try with those readers again unless I have some privacy haha

I’ve had a ton of success with the Square brand readers though, and they are really common in my area. Just this weekend I bought dumplings from a street vender with my hand :sunglasses:

Here’s a video of my payment going through on a square reader, immidiatly after having the chip implanted:


While I’m not a seppo, I’ve had excellent success on most readers. I’ve had more success than phone payments (which actually work everywhere here, but we had an embarrassing moment with a phone-only card in the shops a few weeks ago where neither my partners or mine would work first go). Haven’t seen Stripe much here, more likely to see a little Verifone rent-a-terminal (which the implant works well on)

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I have also been quite lucky, Eftpos is “everywhere” here including Verifone terminals, I have yet to find one it doesn’t work on.

Anybody considering a Payment implant, I would highly recommend it, it is both convenient AND satisfying.

It is worth just seeing the bemusement of others when you pay with the wave of a hand


so is it maybe possible to combine the with the upcoming vivokey apex implant?

Ah, of course. Your eftpos is slightly different to ours, as I understand it. Weta was at a con I went to out this way once, and they had a big “We take NZ eftpos or Mastercard/Visa, Australian eftpos does not work” sign up.

I don’t believe mine has an eftpos app on it, tbh, given it’s a G+D wristband originally.

If Payment on Vivokey isn’t activated in NZ when my one expires, I will probably get another one converted, but Since ASB aren’t doing the pay tags anymore, I will grab a Westpac one


I know you guys ( Aussie ) have these one also from Westpac

Westpac PayWear wearables


Can you clarify what you mean by Combine…

Basically NO, They are two different products, two different entities, However they are manufactured by the same Company / Person and the Vivokey Apex Flex will likely look the similar as a Walletmor


Yeah, I think @RaptorJeebus has this converted. Mine is a Heritage HOVA.

well i would like the functionality of the walletmor on the vivokey?
so walletmor would be like an applet on the vivokey platform?
or am i just spiralling out of control :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: some further searching has found me this :smiley:

Will VivoKey work with Walletmor or be used for payment?

That is the long term goal, to launch Walletmor payment services on the VivoKey platform, specifically products that utilize the VivoKey Apex chip (Apex Max, Apex Flex, etc.). At this time however, the Walletmor payment implant is a stand-alone payment device and is not associated in any way with VivoKey yet.

Exactly! Pretty much what I said…just official

Yup! Been working flawlessly ever since installation!