Contactless payment nfc location?

for those of you with a payment implant, how do you find the nfc reader location on a card reader you’ve not used before?

do you just move your hand about slowly until you find it or what?

i found one today that i could not get my implant to work on at all. but my credit card worked from about an inch away from the screen

Typically the x-series glass tube types of implants require you to place the implant perpendicularly across the trace of the reader antenna. Flex implants like payment conversions usually need to be placed parallel to the traces of the reader antenna. You can usually assume the antenna path in most payment terminals as being around the LCD screen, or if the contactless area is defined as some other area, it’s usually a square or rectangle antenna shape under the defined area. From this you can pretty easily determine the best placement.

Sometimes, for flex implants, the best reads are actually at a 45 degree angle that lay across the corner of one of these rectangular reader antennas.

Slowly moving your hand can work sometimes, but it can also result in a chip “browning out”. Just like a power brown-out, a chip can enter an unstable operational state because as you get closer to a good coupling, it can get just enough power to begin operating, but not enough power to perform any communication or perform any complex calculations or data access operations. This results in too little current being supplied to the chip and it kind of … bugs out … for lack of a better term.

A better approach in these scenarios is to remove the chip from the field, then tap straight down to the target area… wait a half a second for a read… then remove, and tap in a slightly new spot.

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Sorry I was referring to trying to get a payment implant to connect and make a payment on a reader where I don’t know where the actual reader location is.

So the reader is normally wrought the perimeter of the screen? Is it a cool or wire? I’d sort of assumed it was a spot in the middle

Think my problem is I don’t understand what the reader is actually like as I was thinking there’s a spot to aim for,

some readers are just not powerful enough even for my rectangular pay

Ah balls

Yesterday I was trying to pay and it wouldn’t work and I said sorry I can’t get this to go thru and the girl said I’m not surprised, you’ve not even got your card out :joy:


This may be of some use, Scroll to the bottom of the post and follow the link to the Payment reader sheet

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Here’s a teardown of a reader that may help your visualize it too

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that was super helpful as i do have difficulty visulising what the workings of the NFC reader actually are. so basically they’re jsut a look of wire possibly around the screen. i was thinking it was a descrete spot perhaps in the middle of the screen as that tends to be where i put my card when paying - slap bang in the middle of the screen. so with the implant i need to be aiming for perhaps the top or side of the screen depending on the orientation of my implant?

Yeah the manufacturers do a lot of work to make the cards read in the center of the screen because most people believe that’s where you should place it.

Yup, and take it slow

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cool excellent. so far i’ve only got one reader that i failed to get to read my hand. i was in too much of a rush to play about and try and find the sweet spot.