Controlled Micro Devices

Trying to find a source for RFID style device that allows controlled stimulation. Does such an animal exist?

Hmm, just to clarify, you are looking for a field powered, implanted device that can shock you with electric current? I don’t know of anything like that, but if one did exist, I’m sure it would be a medical device of some kind.

Correct. I prefer to use the term “stimulation” versus. shock.Lol! Thanks

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You cannot have anything like that internal. Unless it was “insulated”, unless it was a kill switch.

You need a shotgun lol

I’ve thought of some way to do this in the past, but really only for use with an active device. What is the point of having a field powered shock machine? Simply to be able to tell if something is a 13.56mhz reader or not? Like a electroshock version of our RFID Diag Card?

yes amal: your your on target… the spinal stimulators by abbott or boston medical… i hear thy recycle some of the generators but how to get one?? abbott medical maybe at:
800-727-7846… im shute it wont be cheap…depending on what you do…they may lend you one for reasearch…ill ask next time they re-program me :slight_smile:

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