Conversion kit still viable option vs walletmor?

So about a week ago I got my NExT and I’m loving it and I’ve been excited for the world of implantable contactless payment(as everyone else and their cousin is) but I’m of the few that has little patience for these things and I want to try it out sooner than later. I noticed that walletmor got added to the DT website, but in the FAQ it says the current purewrist implants will expire 7/23? If so would it just be better for me to order a conversion kit and go that route? I don’t want to order an implant from walletmor that would potentially expire in less than a year. Or should I just be patient, get the apex flex, and hope for EMV to get support?

what country are you in buddy?

Sorry thought I put it on there, USA

Walletmor is not available in the US

Oh crazy! Maybe I was thinking of something else? In that case the only difference I can tell is how the accounts are set up.

Well in the FAQ at walletmor it says all of the purewrist (US) implants expire on 07/23, but a conversion kit could last me up until 2025 potentially, giving plenty of time for vivokey to get support for it. But if walletmor has a batch of implants that expire later I will just go with them to forgoe the conversion kit process.(although, if I’m not mistaken, aren’t the walletmor implants in the US just a purewrist conversion?)

Yes they are. There’s a chance you could buy a Purewrist with a later expiration date, but I haven’t heard of anyone getting one. Purewrist bought the chips in a large batch and want to get their money’s worth out of it before buying any more. Their intended use case is a throw away wearable so expiration isn’t really an issue for them, just us.

The prospects in the US aren’t good right now. I’m working on a custom conversion option right now, but it’s slow going because it’s self funded and as time allows. Fidesmo is working some angles to get a US issuer to support Fidesmo pay, but even then MasterCard still won’t allow tokenized implants. We’re still in the very early stages of payment implant mass adoption

I’m currently awaiting a conversion service on a payment ring, been a few months, but once completed, if successful, I believe it will be what we are looking for. Company claims the ring never expires. Hoping that is true. Just waiting to see if amal can crack the ring and do his magic on it. My fingers are crossed.


I’m getting close to just hammering the damn ring to pieces. I’ve tried a few things to gently get it open but it’s not working so I think I’ll actually just vice it apart



@illiteratebeef posted a Timex wristband that can be reprogrammed with Chase cards that looks like a promising candidate for conversion.


Very cool. As a long standing chase customer, I would be willing to purchase a couple wristbands to test for conversions if there’s time available