Convincing a parent for NFC implants

Somehow, I convinced my mum to get an NFC implant.

So the backstory is, I got my implants a couple of months now at this point. Only a few select friends know about it, and I wanted them just for ‘me’, and some cool projects I can do. None of my family knew. In fact, they are pretty against body modification and tattoos in general, so I was pretty nervous doing it behind their backs, considering I’m not a very rebellious person. Even with being an adult, I knew I could just not mention anything, but I wanted to tell a family member eventually.

The way I went about it was first making sure my mum was in a good mood, and there was time to sit down and talk. I told her I wanted to show her something important and cool, and not to get upset if she didn’t agree. Watching the Modern Rogue video eased her into the idea, as they included quite a good bit of information, and had the procedure in the end. After, I opened up a link using my NExT on my phone, and ONLY then I told her that I had a chip. I then explained use cases, and possible future use cases, appealing to the fact she constantly forgets passwords and the Apex will (eventually) possibly have a password manager in the future. After prompting her for any questions, and assuring her that no, GPS isn’t a thing with this tech (yet), she wanted to see a few more installation videos. I showed her the x-series, as I’m pretty sure most people aren’t prepped to see a little more invasive procedures with flexes. And now I’ve convinced her to install an NFC lock and implant. ^^

Anyways, I was quite nervous, but hopefully, this might help someone if they’re thinking of easing someone into the topic as well, especially family members. I’m still trying to decide which implant she should go for, we might even go together next time when I’m closer to a piercer.


That’s awesome! Maybe a NeXT in case she does want to do something like open RFID doors?

Also! make sure you do your research on the NFC lock, I trust you are fully aware but always like to remind anyone to make sure the lock you get is compatible with an implant and not just their NFC tags.

Presenting the fait accompli to your mom was a bit of a gamble. Glad it paid off.

Next bit of trickery: “No mom, I fell off my motorcycle this afternoon. I most definitely didn’t implant a flexNExT!” :slight_smile:


The door thing definitely interests her, although I think she’s waiting to get the lock before getting an implant. The ones you can get in Indonesia are a little different from the ones elsewhere, but I’m hoping that it should be able to work. Additionally, we may just wait for the Apex, just to have the password vault feature and the Java applets.

Smart Lady

Do you have any locks you have looked at and any links, we may be able to help you with confirming compatibility :man_shrugging:

Does Bunnings etc. in Australia post to Indonesia?

Yes, that is definitely to look forward to, BUT since you have your mum onboard NOW is it better for you to “strike while the iron is hot”?

You can always grab an Apex each when they are available…

Was thinking of a couple options for the door, but finding it hard to find more information on the locks themselves and what they require. Some mention using Mifare, but thay seems pretty unhelpful.

Generally it’s hard to import here, which means Tokopedia is the best bet, as its similar to Ebay.

My impression is that most door lock companies don‘t know or don’t want to tell you that their locks works with the implant.
One vendor told me it works but we can‘t write you that.

The first one you linked to had

Chip type: EM

So that sounds promising for xEM, NExT, FlexEM etc

I’ll tell you something else lock manufacturers don’t want to say: whether their locks work with UIDs or require specific chips because they use real cryptographic security.

The reason they’re hesitant to tell you is, on the one hand they try to tell you their products are highly secure, and so they advertise them as working only with Mifare Classics or DESfire (yet, I know, but they still think Mifare Classics are secure). On the other hand, they don’t want to bother with implementing true security: the marketing department is content enough that reading a UID successfully off a DESfire satisfies the claim that it works with DESfire.

Admitting their secure products work with UIDs only is a contradiction in terms and they know it. I’ve had dealings with quite a few lock manufacturers, both by email and on the phone, and as soon as you bring up the subject, they balk and won’t answer straight.

But that makes the selection of a lock not more easy :wink:

I though the Desfire UID is fairly useless as it is computed each time the card is read?

I would say no.

Honestly? I have been thinking of making a removal video for my NeXT.

I have no real need for it, it sits in an odd spot, and I was vastly under informed about what it can really do.

There is no good way to even scan the UID with my phone for input as a password.

I know it is my fault. But I mean, what could I do besides beg amal to be in the beta now about it?

Long story short, I like the idea of the Spark and NeXT, but I don’t really use them.

The spark will stay in though, and the og one will be installed soon. I do have use for them.

But I see no real benefit for me, to keep the next. I should just buy a yubikey to hold me over until Apex comes out I suppose.

This isn’t me complaining about it, just honest input from someone who really wants an implanted “yubikey”

My understanding is that it’s configurable (i.e. random or fixed UID). But maybe I’m mistaken.

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Welp, it appears you were right. At least according to this application note from NXP, page 7, Mifare Desfire can use either a random ID or a double size UID (i.e. 7-byte).

Honestly, that’s part of the reason why we’re currently waiting for the Apex. The multiple functionalities will be great for her, and honestly working with LF/HF by herself would be a pain. The closest we’d go with is a Spark (just because the lack of programming) , but with only currently having opening things functionality, it’s best to wait until something with more utility comes out.

You are probably aware then, the lock you linked to, and I highlighted above that will likely work with LF, will not work with Apex or Spark.
So you’ll have to find an alternative for that

Ah shoot, completely forgot about that. Going to try and find something HF in that case then. Thanks for warning me.

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So, a small update on my mum and her introduction to the world of biohacking. I’ve convinced her to get the NExT for now, and then an Apex in the future. Additionally, she’s thinking of even becoming a reseller/distributor in Indonesia and has medical contacts for people who would be willing to implant x-series in several cities now. I think she’s attempting to get on the news, but hey, hopefully could bring more people into the scene!