Copy apartment key to NExT

I recently got my NExT implanted, and has been trying to copy my keychip to that. I’ve bought a DT blue cloner to copy chips, but I can’t read that key, neither with a smartphone nor the cloner.

Can anyone advice me as to what to try? Can I tinker around this to clone it in some unusual way maybe?

Get a PM3 to figure out what chip it is, probably some LF chip the cloner cant do.

But you are sure that this is a passive tag, no battery?
Does the diagnostic card (black card in your next box) glow when you hold it to the reader (what color)?

Maybe send some pics of fob and reader so some people who have seen them can help.

Sounds like I need a PM3 then.
Im pretty sure it’s passive. It looks more or less like any other keychain tags, and there’s no way to open it to change batteries (or even really room for any).
I didn’t get any diagnostic cards with my tag. Is that something I should have gotten?

I’ve added a picture of it here

This is the card you should of gotten.

Hm. I had to pay extra for that. I bought it from Digiwell as I’m in Europe and that would be cheapest then.
Should I order one?

You don’t necessarily have to. But it does help identifying whether whatever device is reading the tag is LF or HF.

Might have to buy one at some point then.

But I found the tag. It’s this one:

And according to this it’s operating at 13.56MHz, which would explain why I can’t copy it with the copyer

Your phone should read it though.

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It won’t tho. I’ll just throw together an arduino and an rfid-rc522 to try

Oh you know what, that keytag has a desfire chip, that may be something.

Search the forum for NeXT and DESFire. Your chances of cloning that tag appear grim though from what I’ve read.

I will. Thanks. Keeping my hopes up

Yes they take apart the bundles for whatever reason you have to pay extra for stuff DT includes.

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NExT cant do DESfire, that’s why there are DESFire implants.

When you say

do you mean TagInfo? That should show up as DESFire there

so my best bet is to get a DESFire implant next? also just generally for cloning keys?

i use both NFC tools and TagInfo, and neither reacts to the chip. granted i use and iphone so that might limit it. i can read it using arduino tho

No. Do not buy another implant unless you exactly know the chip type you need.

Maybe get a pm3 if you wanna spend some money.

What’s arduion, what does it say, does it read LF tags or HF tags?

I guess it’s an LF tag the cloner cant read.
So there’s hope you can get it on the next with a pm3, but could also be another tag e.g. hitags.

Yeah probably best to wait and research before.
the pm3 is just rather expensive at 99EUR, dont know if its worth it compared to using my arduio and reader.

it only reads 13.56MHz. and reads it as a PICC type: MIFARE 1KB

Try the Mifare Classic Tool app to read the tag.

If that works you can get a flexM1

Agree. Can you imagine having your hand full of implants before you finally get what you need?

Sounds like implant addiction.