Copying HID card to xSIID chip

Is it possible to cop an HID card to a xSIID led implant? I just got my first implant and went with the led one. At the time of install my job did not use any sort of rfid cards. But I have recently switched to a new job and have myself an HID card to get into the building. I bought the kit that comes with the proxmark3, but I really do not know what I am doing. Is it all possible to get my xSIID chip to open up the door at work? I have attached an image of what the proxmark reads from the security card.

This is not possible, HID Prox is an LF technology, while the xSIID is an HF implant, they aren’t compatible.

This one may be possible, though it’s pretty unlikely, so I wouldn’t be too hopeful. If your work is using multi-technology (dual-frequency) readers, then it may be possible to get your implant enrolled, but we’d need more information and you would likely need the help of whoever’s in charge of the access control system.

If that doesn’t interest you, there are other implants that would be able to emulate your work badge, such as the xEM or NExT


Looks like you already have the xEM, fancy that!


Your xSIID should have come with a Diagnostic card.

Place that on your work reader, and see if both the LF & HF light up


There’s your answer.

Do you know how to clone your card and write it to your xEM ? (I would reccomended you practice on the T5577 card that should have been included with your PM3)


Good to know that the xem will work. Unfortunately, I have not installed it yet. I did not want to install both at the same time so I still had one un-swollen hand lol. As for the xsiid, I will remember to bring the diagnostic card to work on monday, thanks for the suggestion

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And you sure ? I have HID, and my test card light up in HF.

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HID is a company that produces several different credential types. HID Prox, which is LF, is one of the most common and is what we see in the Proxmark3 screenshots earlier

They also produce things like ICLASS that are HF credentials, which may be what you have

Either way, the xSIID does not support cloning cards, and would have to be enrolled in the system if it’s compatible

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