Copying HID iClass Px D9P

I’m trying to copy my school ID so I can have duplicates. We use an HID iClass Px D9P. I’m facing problems where the card won’t let me wipe it. I ended up going to the ID office to request a second ID for $10 instead of ordering 100 of them online for like $600.

chances are good the card you are trying to wipe is not writable. typically cards put into circulation are not able to be wiped or overwritten, for obvious reasons. iClass legacy chips have “fuse” bytes that need to be untripped in order to write to the card. once tripped, the card is locked.

Do you think it’s possible to get a blank card, print my image on it, and copy the data from my existing ID so that it is functionally a duplicate?

no idea… we don’t have or sell blank cards.

If it’s iclass legacy and not SE, yes that’s possible

Between getting the blank, a cloner, and having it printed, it would probably cost more than the $10 your school wants for duplicates though

Your school allows you to get a duplicate ID card? I wish my school would allow that even for a fee. I’ve locked myself out of a building after hours a few times. We have HID Seos+Prox cards, I made a copy to a T5577 card but most of the buildings around campus have antiquated Lenel magnetic stripe only readers.

Anyways, standard iClass can be cloned to a rewritable iClass card. You will need a Proxmark to write to it

The iClass Px card is a dual frequency card also supporting HID Prox. There’s a chance that the access control systems will also accept HID Prox and that would be cheap and easy to clone.

Honestly, I’d suggest just paying the $10 to get a duplicate.