Correct arm location and orientation for xDF chip for practice sports

Hello guys, I have scheduled for my implantation with a dermatologist. I do practice sports and martial arts, so I decided to put the chip in the arm instead of the hand.

What location and orientation do you recommend to avoid any problems?


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Hey @chelo_c

  1. Which implant is it? (xNT, Spark, flex)
  2. What are some ways you plan to use it? (access control, computer login, trading contact info)
  3. What kind of phone do you have, or plan to have in the future? (the shape of the phone’s antenna helps determine ideal placement)

Hey thanks for answer.

1- Its xDF
2- Its for a fintech project.
3- I have different phones, currently moto z3

My main concern is health issues when doing sports like boxing.

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I have a Moto Z2 Force, which has the same antenna placement. Here a brief overview.

When I’m reading my xNT (which has a similar antenna to the xDF) I position the long axis of the implant parallel to the long axis of the phone. The ideal placement seems to be the spot between the speaker and the front-facing camera light.

I’m not a medical professional, but the fatty area on the anterior face of your forearm about 10cm from your elbow seems like a good spot. There aren’t any large blood vessels, tendons, or nerve clusters there. I don’t usually bump that area, and there’s plenty of cushion. It also seems easy enough to access most readers (payment terminal or wall mounted) and you’ll probably be able to reach it with a phone.

Maybe … here?

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