Correct tax and import costs

Hello all,

I would like to order my first implant but i am not sure about the import tax and extra unexpected costs. I live in Belgium Europe and i have understand that i will have to pay taxes but cannot make up how much, if i press checkout it says Tax: $0. On the website of DHL i have read that they pay the taxes and fees for me but i heard that there are fines if the import of the goods are not correct cleared. Can someone help me clear this one out it would be nice to know what the total cost is because I’m on a student budget :slightly_smiling_face:.
Thanks in advance!


You can order most things from DTs official EU reseller KSEC to avoid taxes and get a faster delivery.


KSEC is in the UK. Since Brexit, there is the exactly same problem.


Oh I remember, Brexit is done now right?
In that case, order from Digiwell, the german reseller.


Yeah, since 1.1.2021 I think.

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Just looked into it and the Brexit is done, since 1/1/2021.
This is what i found on the web:

Thanks for the replies i quickly looked at Digiwell site but there value bundles seem to me not as valuable.


You’re overthinking it.

I used to live in Luik / Liège, I ordered stuff direct from DT there, and didn’t bother with import duties or anything. One of two things happen:

  • Your parcel goes through at customs and you don’t pay import duties
  • Your parcel gets held up and opened, and you get a letter from customs telling you to pay up to release the parcel.

My experience is that you have a 50/50 chance. The only problem of course is that customs, being customs, can take forever to process your package.

Do that instead, if you don’t want to wait. Best advice.

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Hey thanks for your reply,
I am willing to wait but the problem that i have is that there will be extra costs from customs and a fine if it is not cleared before the shipment or should i not worry about this?

I’ve never been hit with a fine. Just import duties + VAT. They could fine you I suppose, but they never do for small amounts like that, especially when the invoice is in the box. You get into trouble with dodgy products ordered from dodgy countries with no documentation, and/or with higher resale values.

But like Yeka said, if you don’t want the aggravation, just order from within the EU. It won’t cost you more and you’ll get the goodies faster without no headaches.

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Speaking of that Amal, maybe it would be a good idea to declare a value of $0 - replacement under warranty - for my flexMN. Finnish customs will give me shit and fines, and technically it is a replacement :slight_smile: Should I talk to Michelle about that?

I have. DHL likes to do it sometimes. Slapped me with a ‘handling fee’ (but no on a DT item). I think it’s 3% of the customs fees (duty + tax) or 15 EUR, whichever is more.

So if you buy 200$ worth of chips +20% VAT +3% import tariffs on electronics (don’t know if this applies) +3% handling fee (6$, which is under 15€ == counts as 15€): about 226 EUR

So I wouldn’t worry about it that much.


In our experience, declaring gift or $0 will only get your package inspected and harsh duties levied because they look up the retail value on our website. Just let Michelle do her thing and whatever you might end up paying will be preferable to that.

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I understood him as asking the goods to be declared as replacement under warranty, which are generally tax exempt

I’ve had stuff bought in the US genuinely sent back for repair and shipped back to me with the proper documentation attached (email exchanges, RMA…) and $0 declared value because it was a repair job, and it went through customs just fine - albeit extremely slowly.

But yeah, I’ll just let Michelle do her thing :slight_smile:

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I live in UK and also tend to order straight from US.

It comes in faster than my orders from KSEC and always slip through customs somehow. (even lido)

Now… I would not count on a product slipping through customs, but since brexit is here and humans are petty by nature, there has been a noticeable increase of goods being stopped at customs from/to EU/UK lately. (seems somewhat of a spite reaction)

Given no increase in manpower to handle customs, that means the odds of an order from US getting inspected seem lower at this particular moment in time, than an EU/UK one.

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I’ve gotten my products into sweden without a problem. For the most part they arrive and PostNord sends me a message, “hi we got your stuff & customs says you need to pay 300sek you pay that in this link over here and we bring you your things asap” so I do, and they do and that’s it.


Get it from Digiwell.
I bought many implants, my coffee, mct oil xrom Patrick :slight_smile:

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Well it’s not that it’s tax-exempt, it’s that the product has already been paid for and taxed :slight_smile: