Cosmetic and long term inplants

Could you use biological energy to power somthing like an led (tying into a nerve etc)?

I doubt that you’ll be able to get a lot of energy out of a nerve. But harvesting energy from movement has been done before. Automatic watches are a great example of this.

However, I don’t think that extracting enough energy for an LED from a piezoelectric thin enough for a flex would be possible.

And there’s also the problem of storing the energy…

I hate to say it, but the matrix kinda did us a disservice

It’s now planted in peoples heads that human bodies are fully of electrical potential, but it’s actually super difficult and inefficient

Body heat isn’t all that useful because in order to generate electricity from heat you need to either,

Have enough heat to make steam and spin a generator from the steam… not fitting a steam system underneath your skin, let alone generate enough heat

Or have a large difference in temperature, a hot thing and a cold thing, and as heat flows from hot thing to cold thing it makes small amounts of electricity,
The problem here is, the human body is pretty much a blob of jello that’s more or less the same temperature… so there’s no heat differential inside the body, and heat flowing From under your skin to the outside is super inefficient… because your body is literally designed to keep the heat inside

Nervous system doesn’t make much juice either, it’s just telling your muscles to work, not really doing the work

Pretty good article

I remember reading about glucose fuel cells a while back,… THAT could be an interesting direction
Your body is designed to try and preserve energy where it can, but it is good at sharing chemical energy via the circulatory system, tapping into that could be far more fruitful

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