Could i copy my bus card to an NFC implant?

I’m very new to NFC and RFID, I found out about it 2 days ago and have been reading this forum a lot without an account since i discovered it, but needless to say I still have very little in depth knowledge or understanding of these things, so please bear with me lol. I would like to get an implant sometime in the future, though I’m not sure what kind yet and there will probably be new developments by that time. Either way, I’m curious whether it’d be possible to copy my current bus card to any of the chips that are currently available on the market and use the chip to pay on public transport? I know I’d definitely want to get one either way for other reasons like unlocking doors / car, so ability to pay isn’t the main thing I’m seeking but it would be convenient. Also, LEDs look really cool lol. I live in Lithuania, so there’s not much relevant information online and I’d probably have to go abroad for the implant too. I scanned my bus card with NFC tools on my phone. I’m not which info is relevant, but this is the results it gave me:

Is it possible to copy this type of card?

xm1 or flexm1 Can work but there is a risk that the readers require a 4k chip so I would recommend you try with a mifare classic 1k tag if you have access to it before buy an implant


Yes, it’s completely possible to copy. However, if the data store on the card extends past the first 1k of memory it won’t work with a flexm1 or xm1.