Could my xSIID be setting off the brand new anti theft pylons?

So our local Kroger just got brand new antitheft pylons on the out doors. Since then they’ve gone off twice when I was empty handed, once when I was carrying shopping (but nothing that’d be tagged), and today with a whole cart and the cart wheels locked up (again with nothing that’d be tagged. Mostly veg). It’s not every time, but I also rarely go to the store.

Is there any chance at all it’s my xSIID? I didn’t get a chance to test it for real, but I might go actually see if I can cause it on purpose in a few days. I’ve also never been looking at it when it happened. It’s just four times feels like a trend.

If it’s not that it’s something else on me but I don’t know what it’d be. I usually just have wallet, phone, and keys. I figured it wasn’t a bad place to start.

I’ll be taking my detectors there eventually an see what frequency they’re on but asking never hurts.

absolutely not like not even a small chance it’s completely unrelated in terms of inducting frequencies.

even more so you have a wallet full of credit cards with antennas bigger than your hand implant

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I’m going to have to figure out what it is in my wallet then. I am glad it can’t be that because that feels like something that’d be funny at first but would get really annoying really fast.

I don’t usually push a cart out but I was with a friend buying party food and we had to wait in the middle of the door for an attendant to come unlock the cart wheels.

I don’t think it can be my cards but I can try swapping those out and see if not having some of them stops it.

walk through it with your shoes off pockets empty belt off hat off basically just your shirt and trousers and socks. proceed.

if it ain’t beep it ain’t you.
proceed to gracefully toss your belonging through one at a time, if the wallet beeps empty it and pass each item through individually

let’s get TSA up in this bitch


I’d bet some clothing or apparel the manufacturer sewed a soft tag into its lining, and the seller you bought them from didn’t deactivate it

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Not necessarily true. The EAS features of many types of iso15693 tags are commonly used for this purpose. In fact we had to turn these features off for the spark 1 chip.


I’ll have to think on this. Almost everything I own came out of a multi-pack. That’s actually on my list of things to change in 2033. I buy things in six packs usually. Lol. I’ll be think about what I have that I got individually.

Usually items of higher value get that treatment, so
I’d work my way down from anything on your person based on their value

I’ve seen them inside belts, shoes, wallets, purses etc

Also, if you work with anyone in the retail environment, it’s possible a coworker pranked you… not that I have ever done that


Even my coat came in a two pack. Lol. I’m not fashionable. But I’ll look at my stuff and see if I find anything. That’s not to say it’s not there.

I literally made a resolution to buy a nice shirt or pair of pants every paycheck this year so I can develop a style. No multipacks allowed.

Cyborgs are pretty high value if you ask me…


The last time I was at a Kroger, I bought a Starbucks on my way out, and then I had to flag down an employee to get “out the entrance” like it’s some VIP backstage nonsense. To which they goad me through the alarm gates now literally going bonkers. No, no; Kroger clearly must construct additional pylons.

Regardless, that kind of thing hasn’t happened to me. I constantly have my mifare ring on, which is dual frequency. I also have a mifare implant, which unless if my arm is off with some body else, is also pretty consistently with me. They’ve never set off a store sensor.

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Jeez yeah the Kroger in my neighborhood added those “no you can’t use this perfectly good door” gates just after they upgraded the out doors.

They then replaced four more of the checkout lanes with self check outs, now with long conveyer belts. Shop local, steal corporate, I say. Lol.

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I think there’s different R&D and customer retention ways of thinking at play here. There’s another store that allows you to scan your own darn cart. Skip the lines through the animated arrows, then sail for the door as they yell that “you forgot your churro!” I mean, for that luxury, I’ll never fail a spot check. Meanwhile the checkout-clerk-yourself at King’s doesn’t know how much my favorite Indonesian noodles weigh and would passive aggressively remind me to scan every item.

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Yeah mine freaks out if you hold four small items in one hand and scan them one at a time with the other, putting each in the bag as you scan them. It assumes something nefarious is going on other than “I don’t want to reach into my cart four times.” “make sure you scan each item before bagging it.” Look here, bitch, I will set you on fire. I’m almost ready to go to jail over this. It’s particularly annoying since I buy my wet cat food with the little cardboard box it displays in, since I try to buy it a whole display at a time. So it gets all angry about the display box.

I really hate those machines… I’ve taken to hitting the buttons as hard as I can with my knuckle in hopes the screen cracks.

I don’t hate self check outs. I hate capitalism and thus what it means about the prospects of the working class… But if the self check outs didn’t make me feel like getting into a fight I’d at least be like “Well I understand why they’re doing it. And I have no choice but to exist within this stupid system.” My current dream super power is breaking electronics with my mind. I’ll just look at this self check out or that police car and boop! No more work.

I really hate Kroger. Unfortunately my choices are that or Whole foods- if I’m not looking to get Costco sized portions. I wish I could open a little co op grocery store.

Now since I’m getting a roommate next year, I might be able to justify Costco sized purchases, especially if I can find a nearby household to split it with.

I’m just ADHD rambling now.


I have seen cracked forklift computer displays from frustration, mind 'ya those are five thousand dollar drop it from 6 feet and use-it-as-a-speed-hump rated things.

Yet, the systems I have up and running non-stop are bargain bin clearance monitors on the cheapest computers that you can find, anybody can pull out the SD card and snap it like puffed corn snack. But nobody in five years has done so much more than spill an energy drink on the keyboard. Good interfaces matter. Spend money on a good design team that will do the workflow and advocate for the user. If you don’t, you lose the love of your customers, or worse, your employees.

Your example is really the tiniest of passive aggressive things that probably could have been 10 person hours of developing code that can look up a carton code, and infer what’s contained and how many. Or let the user hand key in arbitrary quantities and treat us like adults that pay taxes and feed little ones. The store could ask the manufacturer of Tibble Mittens cat food to put a UPC on the carton and be a truckin’ advocate for their peeps. It’s just another line item in a database, really when it comes down to it.

My advice, buy food for Mrs. Kittyzilla in bulk; the savings on that alone will pay for your card carrying membership and ease your self-checkout woes. Also, switch to Kentland Autograph, man. You’re buying the same supplier to the name brand with more stringent quality control, like for real bud.

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My cat is incredibly picky. The largest size the food she wants comes in is a 30 case. That was more about thing like meat and veg. I can’t eat 5 lbs of lettuce even when. I try. Lol. So I don’t so most my grocery shopping at Costco. I do love their brand Cranberry Juice.

But yeah. It’d be easy enough to program these things so they didn’t cause a massive headache over literally everything but they don’t care. They’re all about what profit they can get right now and the future can eat pig shit. :person_shrugging:

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Just logged into my account for the first time in a while to see if anyone else had this problem; just happened to me at CVS, lol.

Only things that I had on me were my phone, a second phone, my smart watch, my wallet, and a vape.

Never had any issues with anything I had with me before, but I’ve also never had the scanners ding at me before with my xSIID. Could just be a coincidence, but my girlfriend didn’t set it off and she doesn’t have an implant and had her phone and similar stuff to me.

If I end up going back, I’ll have to stick just my hand through and see if that sets it off.

this is not directly rated, but may be of interest

and it is a little RFID related

To enable the device to determine when the customer completes shopping and is ready to leave the store, I connected an MFRC522 RFID reader to Beetle ESP32-C3 so as to detect the assigned RFID key tag provided by the store per grocery cart. Also, I connected a buzzer and an RGB LED to Beetle ESP32-C3 to inform the customer of the device status