Could the Quicklock be re-engineered?

It’s an idea, but don’t drag me too hard if I’m way off base.

The only padlock we know to work with implants is the Quicklock, but it only works with the original Vivokey Spark, and the xSLX. Ideally I’d like to see something a little more common, like the NExT.

Could the Quicklock be;

A.) Gutted and the circuitry replaced.
B.) Firmware ripped out and replaced. (using all original hard parts)

Ideally, I’d say B, just because the 13.56mhz antenna and hardware already exists, just needs to be able to change to a compatible protocall for the high end of the NExT, and that has a much lower part cost. That said, I don’t know if you CAN pull and decode the firmware, much less replace it.

If it’s A, then I’d say keep as much as you could, for instance the antenna.

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