Couldn't identify a chipset


I’m trying to clone a fob, but Proxmark returns “Couldn’t identify a chipset”. Is there a way to find a chipset? It’s a Keri PKT-10X fob. I found the “lf keri read” command, but not sure if I can write to a generic LF fob or if I need a Keri one.

Thank you

[usb] pm3 → lf search

[=] NOTE: some demods output possible binary
[=] if it finds something that looks like a tag
[=] False Positives ARE possible
[=] Checking for known tags…
[!] Specify one authentication mode
[+] Pyramid - len: 70 -unknown- Card: 52xxx, Raw: xxx101010268edb2d6521a26ad347xxx

[+] Valid Pyramid ID found!

[=] Couldn’t identify a chipset
[usb] pm3

[usb] pm3 → lf t5 detect
[!] Could not detect modulation automatically. Try setting it manually with ‘lf t55xx config’

Since it says pyramid you should be able to use the LF pyramid clone option to clone to a t5577 using the pyramid ID data collected from LF search


Thank you, Amal. I appreciate your response. The fob is Keri, but Proxmark says “Pyramid”. Would you be so kind as to share a command to write the data back to a blank fob? Thank you again.

I’m not sure if that Keri fib is T5. Can I use ‘Keri’ clone command to clone to a generic T5 fob from eBay? Or I must clone to a Kari fob? Thank you.

To be honest, I don’t know… but if the proxmark is repeatedly detecting it as a pyramid and giving the same ID an data each time, then I would use the pyramid clone option to the T5577 chip. My hunch is that a “kari fob” will use a chip that is not writable like the T5577… target chips you can write to / update are rare, which is one reason the T5577 is so versatile in its ability to emulate a great number of LF chip types… so much so that now certain card and fob production facilities are just using the T5577 instead of EM and HID chips because they can just keep an inventory of T5577 chips and program them however they need them rather than keep inventory of a bunch of different types of special chips.

In fact, do an LF search on your Kari fob again and then run “lf t5 detect” to see if it might possibly be a T5577 itself. If it is, the best way to clone it to another T5577 is by using the lf t5 dump command and restore command.

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actually… have you see the T5577 video? Click the T5577 autolink the forum puts up any time I type T5577 … its autolinked for a reason :slight_smile:


Thank you, Amal. When I run ‘lf t5 detect’ it returns: Could not detect modulation automatically. Try setting it manually with ‘lf t55xx config’.

yeah so it’s some kind of hard set chip type… but if proxmark3 is calling it a pyramid, then i suggest you use the pyramid clone command with one of the T5577 cards included with the proxmark3 to make a clone and then test the card with the target reader

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