Cover all bases upgrade from 0

Hi! I started looking into upgrading myself many years ago, due to several reasons and specifically that the tech wasn’t as good as i wanted I never got any implants. But I follow the news :slight_smile:
So with the new apex this is what I want :slight_smile:
Started planning a bit and reading up on the different chips a bit. hope to get some advice on how to select and decide placements.

I live in the middle of nowhere, so getting someone to do the procedure will take some traveling and planning. So I might as well do everything at once. Will be around May so some time to wait for the Apex.

Use cases will be payment, sharing data (vcard etc), entry, password managing, 2fa. and tinkering with new projects later on.

A magnet seems fun also, as well as LED so I will get at least 4 different ones.

so Apex flex lefthand for payments , position 3 i think, or 1 perhaps ?

xSIID NFC + LED middle right finger possible? or bad idea? just for fun :slight_smile:

Next, left hand somewhere?

one more, which one ?

For the magnet I was thinking the xG3 v1 .
I repair electronics, phones mostly, I think the titan or xG3 v2 would be to much interfering. but v1 good enough to catch small screws dropped. unsure of placement, 2 in pic?

Doing this much in one sitting, I assume it will take some time to heal properly. I work by the computer so typing on the keyboard needs to work at least.I will combine it with vacations so some resting time afterwards, but how much healing time to expect?
Any other advice?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Quite an ambitious plan! A few things to note though. The Apex can not do payment at this time. It has everything needed for it, but until Mastercard and visa approve of implants, the feature will not work.
I don’t think there would be an issue between the magnets with one being less problematic for working on electronics. My xG3v2 works better for finding/holding screws than my xG3v1. I can feel EM fields better with my xG3v1 though. The v1 has helped me diagnose stuff with small electronics at work while the v2 helps me not loose those tiny screws for them.
You can get all of those done at once, there’s people who’ve gotten more done in a single day. Just make sure you eat a good meal and have some water before hand, and don’t feel bad if you want to quit after a couple and go back later for the rest.
I stopped after 2, then went back and got a 3rd one done.
Healing takes at least 2 weeks. You shouldn’t have too much issue with typing unless you put the xSIID in your finger. I like the idea, and not sure if anyone has done it, but it is smaller than the xG3 that people have stuffed in their fingers.
The Apex will take longer to heal than the x series injectables.
For deciding on the last implant, check out the custom conversion. You can get your tap to pay card converted into an implant.


Hi, thanks for replying.
Yea I looked into the paymor as well but I can wait for development on the Apex. Seems like best option for being “future proof” . I’m located in Spain so works with paymore, hoping for Apex to give a bit better of a solution.

Regarding converting card to implant. I looked into it a bit, but I dont think it will work for my cards. I use Wise, Handelsbanken and mainly:banco sabadell. neither have anything other than the chip plus contactless standard cards.
Do I understand it correctly that these kind of cards wont work to convert?

I’m not too sure about the specifics on the cards. I know there’s some issues with some cards. I’ve been waiting to search the forum for the info til I get a card that features tap to pay. If by contactless you mean just placing the card on the reader instead of swiping or inserting the chip, you might be able to get it converted.
The Apex is fully capable of doing tap to pay right now, but Mastercard might not allow it for 10+ years from now.

yea , i saw

conversion service. We will attempt to convert your contactless payment device into a flex implant using our special biopolymer coating technique. It is important to note that we have not yet been successful converting a “dual interface” card – i.e. a payment card with contact chip AND contactless payment. We have had good success with converting contactless-only payment devices like mini cards and certain wearables with contactless payment modules inside.”

So would not work I guess, looking into some other options for banks as well. perhaps I find something.

Even if mastercard and regular banking wont work for the apex I hope we will see some of the alt payment services before that.

Ah yeah I see now. Just had my second cup of coffee and I’m more awake lol

Apexes aren’t allowed to be used as payment devices yet.

If you get it on a friday and back working at the computer on monday, that’d be ideal ig. From then like a week until you remove stitches and maybe 3 more days until it’s water tight. Then it still might be bruised or be a little swollen for some time, maybe a few weeks until it’s completely fully healed.


Regarding payments sorry if repeating stuff , but I can’t get my head around this.

Lots of hoops to go through for stuf to work sure.
For regular payments MC and visa will be long until we see I understand so far.

I am still not quite sure what the holdup are for fidesmo pay and curve.
Apex flex works with fidesmo right? So what’s the holdup for fidesmo pay / curve card?

In short, there is no technical hurdle. All of the connections are there. Apex can make payments. It’s a permission issue. MasterCard and Visa both are uncomfortable with the idea and have not allowed it.

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Thanks, so that’s effecting what fidesmo can do as well then? Hmm might look at a switching banks to get something that can be converted then. Or put my hopes in that vivokey and walletmore will come to the apex?

So MC and VISA are fine that fidesmo put payments on a wearable but not on a chip for implants? Weird,security wise that seems like a worse solution with wearables. To many religious zealots? Just wonder what’s their arguments are like.

If you want to play on the MasterCard payment network you do what MasterCard says. If you want to play on the Visa network, you go that Visa says. If any company in the chain disobeys the network they risk deplatforming… including banks, Fidesmo, processors, etc.

As for their reasons… it’s not been specifically laid out for us other than they are concerned with being associated with implants.

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Just curious if youve spoken to American Express? Or if you plan to. I don’t personally use them, but would if it meant paying with an implant

We did at one time. It died pretty quickly. We are considering discover card.