Cracking a mifare plus card? Need help

Hey there everyone, i got my university student ID card and I want to clone it to a blank card, and I want to help a couple of my buddies clone their cards. But with not a lot of success, first off. The student ID card is a Mifare plus card, anyone know how to crack the encryption? Because all the keys have encryption on them. Btw I only have a proxmark 3 easy with the iceman firmware on it.

here’s some info about the card for your reference
the UID is 7 bytes

[+] UID:
[+] ATQA: 00 44
[+] SAK: 20 [1]
[+] MANUFACTURER: NXP Semiconductors Germany
[+] Possible types:
[+] MIFARE Plus EV1 2K/4K CL2 in SL3
[+] MIFARE Plus S 2K/4K CL2 in SL3
[+] MIFARE Plus X 2K/4K CL2 in SL3
[+] MIFARE Plus SE 1K CL2
[+] NTAG 4xx
[=] -------------------------- ATS --------------------------
[+] ATS: 0C 75 77 80 02 C1 05 2F 2F 00 35 C7 [ D3 00 ]
[=] 0C… TL length is 12 bytes
[=] 75… T0 TA1 is present, TB1 is present, TC1 is present, FSCI is 5 (FSC = 64)
[=] 77… TA1 different divisors are supported, DR: [2, 4, 8], DS: [2, 4, 8]
[=] 80… TB1 SFGI = 0 (SFGT = (not needed) 0/fc), FWI = 8 (FWT = 1048576/fc)
[=] 02… TC1 NAD is NOT supported, CID is supported

[=] -------------------- Historical bytes --------------------
[=] C1 05 2F 2F 00 35 C7 MIFARE Plus S 2K (SL1)
[+] C1… Mifare or (multiple) virtual cards of various type
[+] 05… length is 5 bytes
[+] 2x… MIFARE Plus
[+] 2x… Released
[+] x0… Only VCSL supported

There’s a couple issues here. First is cracking the keys on this source card… That’s going to be a challenge… But your bigger problem is going to be what are you going to clone this to? You can’t just clone it to a blank mifare card because mifare cards have UID (serial numbers) that are read only and cannot be changed. Your challenge is going to be finding a “magic” chip that can emulate your source card’s chip… and personally I don’t know that that exists.