Create iphone automation

I ask you for help, maybe we can solve my question. I use iphone with app “shortcuts” I would like to create an atomation with my xSIID. when it is scanned I would like to send a message on whatsapp, I made the text, I gave the command to open whatsapp on the indicated contact, inserts the text in the space, but does not send it, I have to do it manually, I am attaching what I did, maybe someone is able to complete everything and also start sending.

I think a little bit may have got lost in translation, in English it is called the ‘Shortcuts’ app.

I don’t use WhatsApp, but my guess is that their support for shortcuts doesn’t allow this and wants you to confirm. Perhaps you can see if other people have made shortcuts to send without confirming, but you might need to make a feature request to the WhatsApp team.

yes shortcuts sorry i corrected it, i turned on the internet and there is no way to get it sent, i was thinking if someone could create a script that did

Shortcuts is very powerful, but it is limited by the ‘building blocks’ that the app makers give it.

Someone may be able to help, but from a quick look, your script isnt missing anything obvious - I’m guessing that WhatsApp just arent giving you that last little building block, but I could be wrong on that.

there is an app called “scriptable” on iOS that allows you to write any code, but I’m not capable of it :sweat_smile:

I’m not an iOS user, but I think I found a workaround for your issue on Reddit.

yes this is the same as what I posted

From what I see in the screenshot, you are using WhatsApp shortcut. The workaround I linked (it’s in the fourth paragraph) says to “train” Siri by repeatably sending your desired message to yourself through her and then to use Siri shortcut, instead of WhatsApp shortcut.

yes i understood it, but i wanted to bypass siri creating the possibility to press only the button to send

Oh, I thought this “training” gives you an option to just press the button and Siri will do it in the background. I must have misunderstood the post, sorry.

Nothing idea??

I know this post is 18 months old but the iOS 15.4 update has opened this up quite a bit. You can create an automation with scanning your NFC chip as the trigger, then use the ‘run shortcut’ action with the shortcut you’ve already created. 15.4 removed the requirement for automations like this to be manually approved, so the whole thing will run after you scan the chip.