Curious if I can put my Transit card on my hand

Here’s a question I live in Canada boo know XD anyhow I wanted to know if it was possible to put my transit card on my chip :person_shrugging:t5:

need a bit more information than that.

what kind of phone do you have?
what transit system is it for specifically, city/name of metro company?

can you download the App(s) NFCTOOLs & NXP TagInfo, scan your transit card with those apps and take screenshots, none of what’s on there will be PII but for your own piece of mind feel free to scrub out the UID.

if you’re using an iphone don’t be too worried if you don’t get a response from either of those apps when scanning as IOS is more restrictive on what chipsets it’s allowed to scan.

from experience i’m inclined to say probably not possible, a lot of transit companies use very secure chips to prevent things like cloning (aka the thing you’d be trying to do)

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Presto an it’s ran by go transit and don’t Mayer iPhone or Samsung I have one of both lol

After you have shared the info as requested above, AND If it is not compatible for reasons stated here

You still may have an option, which is using the conversion service.

I have strongly considered this myself, but I am currently waiting to see what happens where I live (NZ), whereby there are differet Transport companies in different cities, but in the “near” future there will be a single national company, so I’ll revisit a conversion then.

Here’s my write up when I was considering it

Definitely need to scan the card and share some more info like equip suggested. It’s likely a DESFire card in which case cloning isn’t really an option. We have DESFire antennas though if you want to melt it down.

I think the first and most important question is does the card tap at all :sweat_smile:

Since there’s a mobile app option I suspect it can tap.

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I have a couple Presto cards for when I’m in Toronto and confirm they are DESFire. Screenshot from NFC Tools:

Like u can take it apart a put in an implant ? Sorry I think I smoked lol to much :joy:

Ok I understand now hmm :thinking: I’m probably ganan save some money an try cuz they don’t expire ever so it would be cool af to have that in my hand well waiting on some orther form of payment

That’s what I am suggesting here




Is there somone I can talk to one on one bout this if so how lol :joy: iv only used this because it’s maddd help an iknow I can get answers

Add me on discord at equip I’ll happily talk you through it

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Sweet just did thank u

Yeah if somebody could melt one of these down to see the chip, Amal likely has implant antennas that could work with a the chip for custom conversion.

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I can lol i used to have a bracelet i made with my old card but stupid me got drunk an lost it XD