Custom car solution for xEM interest?

Right some of you may have seen my efforts to modify the xAC for use with a car key. That will still be done but In the long run i want to design a custom solution for anybody looking to use an xEM or similar to open, bypass imobiliser and start your car.

Is this something people want/need?

  • Yes
  • Not really
  • Hell yes

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Please take my money.


I put ‘not really’ because I’ve already done my car and don’t want to mislead you on interest from people with cash in their hand.

That said, if I hadn’t already done mine, I’d totally be in the ‘Yes’ camp. I’d happily give my money to someone who is designing a ‘turn-key solution’ for cyborgs!

One thing I’d request is the ability to add additional readers (passenger side and tailgate are the ones I’ve done, I’ve found them very useful!) and a boot release output if the back reader is scanned.

I absolutely want this to exist, i just dont want to buy one :stuck_out_tongue: A dedicated solution would make it much easier for the at least 1 person a week who comes here looking for info on how to wire together cheap electronics to do what they want.


Changed from Hell yes to not really because my NExT doesn’t have an EM ID on it, and will not work without getting another implant or losing my work badge.

Currently looking into an arduino-type NFC option

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I have the same problem. You might not always be at a job you can clone the LF for, so you could switch your NExT back. Then again, DTs basically giving away the xEMs at this point. I’m thinking about grabbing an extra and putting it on the elbow or something.

Also, let me know if you want help or start a thread about this. I’ve tried some PN532 breakout boards and they’re pretty capable.

Yeah, my big thing is the heal time. I got stuff to do.

I’ll probably start a thread in the next month or so, I’m gearing up to move, and the only thing I’ve done with an arduino so far is to make a simon says game… so it’ll likely just be me getting the idea out there and watch y’all run away with it.

We’ll bring it back in good condition

I have no doubt. I just wanted a bit of time to at least learn enough to understand what’s going on.
Why the issues are issues, and how y’all got to the solutions and all that.
I’ve always had a huge interest in hardware and electrical engineering, but never had time to really do more than tinker with and modify existing things.

I think this is a serous issue and there is nothing on the market i’ve found that will work well as a module for projects… only massive door reader.

I already have a hefty spec doc for an LF reader module going… @Devilclarke if you’re interested, let’s go over it. I think an LF reader module with some specific output modes would be an amazing project and DT would fund development of it and retail it with an arrangement for you, if you’re interested.


Hi amal I’ll shoot you a message. Maybe the question should be nfc or lf @ThexTallxDude


I’d imagine Amal can give sales numbers, or we could throw a poll up in this thread on which would be preffered.
I’m personally good with either, since I’ve got the NExT, but that whole EM only thing is a huge drag on voting in favour of LF.

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When we finish the mechanical bits for the door lock project I’ll be making a HF reader board. You probably want to focus on LF for now, that’s completely unaddressed