Custom flexNext replacement for dead led

Yeah, with Rosco’s failing I’m not sure it would be good enough - is that crossover area also reinforced?

The entire coating is more rigid than the one normally used and there are three reinforcements on each led.
From playing around with it it seems like the Leds are solid and will not flex at all which is reassuring. I’m less worried about the tag since it seems to be doing fine either way. It also has the advantage of having the glow powder which should never fail…

Another polymer??

Who says I only have one? :wink:

I believe yes

All LEDs are dead, completely. If I manage to find a ride in time I will get it replaced next week :crossed_fingers:

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What’s happening to your flexNExT is quite remarkable: those little blinkies are supposed to be self-contained units. I could understand one failing, but 3 is really strange. The only explanation that makes sense to me is that the coating has failed massively and the entire inside of the implant is full of bodily juices, which is a scary thought.

Good thing you’re gonna change it soon.

… Could it be similar to your blinkies with the now reduced reading range with the “broken” NTAG antenna, and maybe it just needs some more accurate coupling, or a more powerful reader…
I don’t know :man_shrugging: , just a guess.

@azflyer what are you using to light up the blinkies?

Well my blinkies aren’t dead, they just look very tired and temperamental without coupling with the NTAG. Dead as in deady-dead seems mighty odd.

I’m using my phone and a standard acr122u reader. Also I haven’t noticed any visual difference to the implant , nothing new. So I doubt the coating has failed. I don’t know how much flexing the blinkies can take but I keep sleeping on my hand and getting it crushed in weird ways while sleeping so that’s what I suspect has caused it. Or maybe they were faulty in the first place since noone else seems to have this issue.
Anyway I will take a close look when I get it out and see :man_shrugging:

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After looking closely at the construction of the LED modules, I can see where one that isn’t protected by resin might be vulnerable to impact damage. The surface mount soldering job is not all that great, in fact it looks like it’s hand done not wave flow. Potting them in resin should help, so the replacement should be more robust.

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I’m surprised I’m the only one with this issue and also that it happened on all three of them through :thinking:

To be fair, that particular implant has been “interesting” in several different ways for a few of us :slight_smile:


There’s no going back now
Just swapped them an hour ago.


Also we completely removed the previous scar, I’m really happy with that


Holy tentacle! That thingy looks very prominent on your hand, how does it feel? Any notable difference yet?

Hope it heals fine and wish you all the best! :crossed_fingers: :slight_smile:


The thickness looks… staggering. Or maybe it’s an optical illusion due to the camera’s angle or something.

I hope it heals well and doesn’t turn out to be too inflexible. At any rate, seeing as thought it must be really stiff, I reckon it has a fair chance to resist a nuclear explosion :slight_smile:


@Coma @anon3825968 , I measured it, it’s about 2mm max on the led bumps and 0.5-1mm on the rest. Ithad a slight potatao chip curve that makes it stick up a bit but I’m confident it will flaten out over time (the previous one is now shaped like my hand)
It’s mostly a camera effect, it’s actually not that différent.

I’ve had no pain at all yet and it went in super easy

*Edit, now that I look back at the picture, it’s not exaggerated that much but the previous one was like that too. Maybe my skin is very thin :man_shrugging:

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