Custom flexNext replacement for dead led

So a few weeks ago one of the LEDs on my flexNext (back of the hand) died and wouldn’t light up unless I pressed on it. More recently one of the two remaining ones got noticeably dimmer.

I’m about to replace it with a custom (hole in the middle one and more rigid one with a reinforcing bump on each led). The thing is, mine is not the only one to have failed apparently and I’m worried even though the new one is “less flexible”. So I had some questions:

What’s the current success rate on flexNexts? How many are perfectly fine after a couple months of everyday stress?
Did any wrist flexNexts fail? Is the wrist that much safer (less bending)?
I already have the scar on my hand so I’d rather put the new one in the same place but if the wrist is a guarantee for a durable implant I might change it.


4 failures afaik:

  • 1 failed NTAG, back of the hand
  • 1 failed LEDs, back of the hand (yours)
  • 1 failed NTAG, top of the wrist
  • 1 failed NTAG, bottom of the wrist

Mine is in since 8th of august (back of the hand), so almost 4 months now, and it’s still working fine - though I must admit, I’m getting quite nervous with all the reports here.
Healing time wasn’t that much fun, and the scar is still pretty visible (because my body seems to heal “not that good” and hates sutures, seemingly…) - I’m really not sure what to do if mine fails.

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This is none of my business, but I wouldn’t do that: I would make it uniformly more rigid. If bits of it are more rigid than others, it’ll create high stress areas around the rigid bits.

The overall implant is much more rigid

Ah ok. I thought you was talking about reinforcing only the LEDs.

Any info yet on how rigid it is? Because that might limit possible placement options a lot, considering its size… a really rigid implant with that diameter won’t fit on my hand. And not on my wrist either…

Amal, out of curiosity, does your biopolymer coating process allows coating a 3D shape, or does the coated object have to be flat?

I’m thinking specifically of an implant shaped close to the final installed conformation, semi or fully rigid.

Yes , i have it. The closest comparison I have is the cover of my passport or maybe a couple postcards in rigidity

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I believe this has been discussed, the issue is that coating a potato chip requires makinhg a special jig and everyones measurements are not the same so a lot of work

Ok thanks.

Hopefully my doNExT will stay alive and kicking and I won’t need it (cross fingers) :slight_smile:

in short it’s not exactly required the target be flat, but it goes much better when it is, and there is a theoretical limit of probably 4mm max thickness or so.

Sorry to derail a bit, but I’m curious: is it because you need to coat a backing first, then lay the object over that first coat, then coat overtop? Or said another way, is it like the bottom half of a mold?

In which case, if I wanted some truly outlandish shape coated, could I send you the object and the backing minux x tens of millimeters dimensionally to allow for the thickness of the first coat, and if so, what material would the backing need to be in and how much smaller would it need to be?

Is that the object to be coated or the final result? Could it be bigger with the proper “mold”?

It’s kind of part mold, part compression… hard to explain without giving away some process secrets… but basically I’m probably going to be exploring done other materials for “larger” stuff and side projects.

Yeah okay, I kinda figured it was your trade secret. Fair enough :slight_smile:

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So a little update: two LEDs are completely dead and the last one barely lights up :confused:

Does the NTAG still ring?

Yes, everything is fine appart from the leds

This is kinda worrying for me… blinky is really what I want, and currently there is no better solution for lots of blinky than the NFC nail stickers :frowning:

I hope the rest of your implant stays working, at least until a suitable replacement comes out (and when you’re able to install / swap out to that suitable replacement)

I already have the replacement, that is more rigid and hopefully will protect the leds. But frankly I’m worried it might not be enough :confused: