Custom payment chip question

Sorry if this is already answered somewhere, I did look.

Why is it that tap and go debit cards that also have an insertable chip function can’t be coated as custom implants?

I’m obviously missing the obvious as I thought it would just be a case of dissolve said debit card, add an antenna and some biopolymer and start tapping your wrist to pay for stuff.

What am I missing?

I reeeeaalllly want a payment implant.

Bank-issued cards usually expire before you.


Hey. It’s because most credit cards are a bare silicon die with fragile wire bonds all potted in a hard resin. You can’t really get to the chip in order to attach a custom antenna, and the stock antenna is so fragile that most people can’t recover it.

In some cases the credit card use a Coil on Module design. If you melt those cards down they can be converted into an implant. I’m waiting to get the first one back from Amal after encapsulation, but in the near future people will have access to them.


Follow up question, I haven’t seen asked

Assuming your COM repeater project works

Is there any way for someone to actually check which type of chip their card has non destructively?

Thanks. I knew there would be some obvious reason I missed.

If I shine a couple of thousand lumens through the card I can see the antenna running from the chip. I guess I just have to keep shining it through cards until I find one where there is no visible antenna.

If I understand right, you should be able to look for a little tiny contact on the front (circled in red) that goes from the center to the outside which is how the coil connects back to the chip as indicated in green


Ahh excellent, I didn’t see that … perfect


Yup, it’s visible on the front because of the antenna trace that transits across the contact interface. You can also often shine a light through the back and see the antenna traces.


I have one of those, how can I tell further if it’s able to be converted? I’m willing to destroy it as I’m getting a metal one soon once it’s sent to me