Cute VCARD key fob

I found a company in Italy who offer Micro Me, a personalised key fob with an NFC chip inside configured as a VCARD.
On the site you can create your own avatar and add you contact info and they produce it as a plastic key fob.

I was intrigued to know the protocol on the chip and how they could make a VCARD tag that would work on both Android and iPhone so I bought one and here’s the skinny: inside the fob is an NTAG 215 with only one record. This is a personalised URL to a page that dispenses your contact info. Users who scan your fob land there and get the choice to follow the links to a site, email, phone call etc or download all the data into their address book.
The fob and the landing page look great and work well but of course there are a couple of drawbacks: Your address book data is stored online so if you want to use the cute page delivery format you are locked into their system. They offer a service to change your VCARD data for a fee of €3.

Of course, you lot being you lot, you can simply reprogram the chip to do whatever you want.


What’s your URL? :wink: :wink:

Http://yeahrightlikeIwouldfallforthat.fu :crazy_face:

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It’s a bit of a shame that you can’t order a little robot or something along those lines. Maybe I should design my own and get it printed in resin.

But still, having electronics under your skin is even better than having a plastic keychain with an ntag in it.


Of course and sub dermal is the future but stickers, fobs, bracelets etc are great for increasing awareness and acceptance so that that future happens faster.
The small round stickers in particular are a really easy way to explain implants. I always carry a few, ready to configure them as V-cards, Rick rollers, satellite map direction configurers etc to give to people. If they enjoy them it’s an easy lead into “ya know… if you wanted, you could have functions like those permanently at your disposal…”

Muahahaaaa, today a sticker, tomorrow chipster world domination!!

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