Cyberpunk Edgerunners

What did you think?


Great anime, definitely one of my favorite. Can recommend.
One of the main themes it explores is “cyberpsychosis”, a concept where the small deviations of cyberware from your natural body make you vunerable to psychosises, or with faulty implants even directly cause it. The main cause however simply seems to be the dystopian world. I think it explores the human suffering of the setting really well.
But realistically i don’t think that cyberware would make people more suceptible to psychotic breaks, simply because of the extreme adaptabillity of the human nervous system. Your mind seems to adapt to whatever body you currently have.
I love the game too by the way, especially since all the QoL improvements that came out together with the dlc.

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I don’t really think any of the implants are realistic or desirable (see: mantis blades), but I really enjoy the setting and the impact it’s had on public perception of body modification. I don’t watch a lot of anime and I watched the whole thing. Soundtrack was tops. They kinda hamfisted the main guys descent into madness, and even the comparisons to his first boss dude didn’t make it seem “clever”. But whatever it was a cool shoot-em-up


For a guy who has more than 250 hours in cyberpunk game, I would say the anime is pretty neat. I’ve watched it when it came out on netflix last year. It would be interesting to see where the humans will end up in 50-100-150-200 years from now, and what kind of synergy with technology we may accomplish, unless of course we do not nuke ourselves in some very stupid way.


Well the opening credits are by a band i used to listen to as a teenager so that was definitely a win. And then i watched the first episode, double win!

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I played the game for a while and decided to stop. Johnny Silverhand was too annoying and too much of an asshole for my liking.

I bought that game for the fictional implants and futuristic tech predictions without really knowing what it was about. And it reminded me of the bomb that killed one of my neighbors decades ago.

Since I didn’t enjoy the game that much, I’ve been putting off watching the series.

Whoa. Sorry that is rough. A bomb? What the?

I found out that my neighbors were members of that club the day after the attack. IIRC, the mother got killed, the father survived, and their daughter was severely injured.

Car bombs were rather common in Colombia back in the 90s and early 2000s but that was perhaps the worst attack.

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Johnny Silverhand lead one of two NUSA strike teams targeting a corporate HQ in California. They intended to use an elevator shaft to “insert” a small nuclear weapon into the sub-basement of the tower to destroy the AI and shit housed there.

Now, if you know anything about elevator safeties, it’s that falling elevator cabs require the failure of three safeties simultaneously, at minimum. The nuke stopped halfway down the building because the elevator wasn’t as sabotaged as they had thought it was. The result was a small, kiloton-scale, airburst.

The event became known as the Night City Holocaust, and any true information a bout the details of the event is sketchy at best, and probably drowning in a sea of lies, disinformation, speculation, and con spiracy theory.

According to the author of the books the game was based on:

Similar to a 1950s Davy Crockett backpack nuke, with an overall yield of 0.1 kiloton, the Nuke was prematurely detonated at floor 120 (366m/yds), in Kei Arasaka’s aparntment bunker whre the Soulkiller lab was located.

It was SUPPOSED to be a very small bomb detonated so far below ground level there would be negligible collateral damage and no measurable radiation release, but … well, secret bunkers with secret backups are hard to account for.

I’ve been fanboi-ing Cyberpunk lore since I was exposed to it in Y2K during “IT” class in high school. Getting a film adaptation, music video, and big-budget game is a dream come true for me.