Cyborg-Debatte: Wenn Technik unter die Haut geht und die Genschere kommt (German Article, Digiwell Interview)

Implants as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic cards… That’s a new one :slight_smile: But maybe the German text lost something to translation there.

Still, interesting. Thanks for sharing.

(Incidentally, I wish our own Dear Leader made himself less scarce in mainstream media too. If anybody has anything to say on the matter, it’d be Him.)

I hope there will be a longer version of this once the Apex is finally released.

This is my favourite DT video, the music, the vibe, it’s just good.

No no, it’s one of his arguments. And he’s kinda right, it’s a nice sideeffect.

I very much doubt implant are less of an environmental burden to produce. Not to mention, shipping implants from essentially one place of manufacture in the world in Washington state to Fuckdakistan is really, REALLY not eco-friendly.

However, if they’re permanent and don’t need replacing ever x years like stupidly artificially-perishable payment cards, that would probably make a difference: make once, ship once, use forever.