Have you decided between them yet?

Haha, we all have those, same for myself my payment one.
My plan was to have my payment conversion in, and by the time that expired the Apex would be released AND have payment authorization, so I would then slip out the old and in with the new. “Jobs a good’un”

Well fuck you payment institutions! they fucked up my plans!
My conversion got canceled early due to the bank ( only by about a year, and I still enjoyed having it and have no regrets), and “Big Finance” still haven’t come to the implant party YET (I know I was overly optimistic on that one)

My timing was perfect to remove payment and slip in Apex Flex, but I actually changed my location, because I wasn’t 100% happy with my original location (#R4.5) because I outsmarted myself, It was super easy for payments and worked every single time without fail, BUT because it was slightly raised it would occasionally catch on things like pockets and other tight spaces.

I am happy where it is now ( #L1), and I have had zero issues for reads and when being payment at a terminal becomes a reality, I believe it will be almost as easy to present my APEX Flex , if /when payment comes, It will still be very useable.

All that to say, if you would like a hand to play “Implant Tetris” ( Thanks for that term Eriequiet ) share an image with your current implants and locations and we can all play a game of




I haven’t. Not so sure if I wanna do the install of the Mega for being close to same thing as Flex. I would definitely do the implant whom shall not be named though…

Yeah, I hope that doesn’t hold true for my plans. I’m really hoping Amal can pull it off. I’m waiting like a kid on Christmas Eve. If it holds true, my payment conversion shouldn’t expire. But we shall see.

I have a spot planned for the Apex on my right hand as it should be more convenient as a car key. As long as I don’t move to a country where they drive on the wrong side that is.


So, in my opinion,


your whole left hand is viable #1 - #4/5
Don’t worry about the proximity of your NExT to the APEX flex in position #1, because they will be at right angles to each other when presented to a reader.
I have
xM1 and xEM in #L0 and my Apex Flex in #L1
NExT in #R0 and my FlexM1 in #R1

I have zero issues with targetted reading

Plus on top of those real world experiences / examples, I have done tests in the past with my NExT in #R0 and I was going to put a FlexMT on the back of my #R hand.
I had no issues with that either ( I didn’t put the FlexMT in, because I thought it was too big for my little girly hands, although it was tempting, because the read range was amazing )

If you go for the MEGA, your whole Left hand would be viable ( and the MEGA, is much smaller than the FlexMT I was looking at )


Ignore the xSLX for the same reasons as above, you should have no issues there
I would look at #R1 easily, R2 probably and (maybe R3, but you would really want to test that)
The xG3 is a bit of an obstacle, and if you are not super happy with it there, that would be a good reason / opportunity to relocate it. ( I have personally removed 3 xSeries, all without issue and I relocated 2 of them with no issue)

If you want to leave the xG3 there, and because your xSLX is in a “less than usual” location, you probably only have one viable location for the MEGA on your Right hand
( I am not sure there are any pictures of the MEGA outside of the DT Club, so this representation will have to do )

Wrists are another good location but may be awkward with some readers…