DA WEEWEE MAGNET(I swear this isn't a shitpost)

I’m not gonna do it but I was thinking about what are the most sensitive places and where you could theoretically inject an xG3. Has anyone done this? I don’t want to see it but there must be someone out there that has had the same thought and was crazy enough to do it. I’m GENUINELY curious about the sensitivity capabilities of a weewee magnet.

If your intended use is pleasure I think it would be more relevant on female genitals. And yeah I’m sure someone has done it. I’ve heard of it on this forum but I forget where.

I don’t mean for pleasure. I mean like the same reason you’d put one in your finger. I mean genitalia is one of the most innervated places on a human. This post wasn’t specifically for ding dongs but I figure it’s probably easiest to get an xG3 in a shaft then a bean.

It has been done, check out the discord if you have questions about it. I think you can search in the NSFW channel in there and find info on it.

It would be interesting to have an electrician come to the house and rub his groin on the socket then say “nope, no power”



@JPlowman has done an xSIID there.

Another relevant post:

Wow I wish I could have stopped reading that thread

Hello all! I’ve been away for a bit, but yes my xSIID in that location is 2 years old as of this past May. Still there and all is well with it.

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I believe I saw a photo where it was being installed perpendicular. How did that work out ? Did it eventually turn to align itself? Does it protrude at all?

I installed it myself (definitely not recommended). I tried to go as perpendicular as i could. The skin is so stretchy it was difficult to tell. It is mostly perpendicular still, but it is able to move relatively freely in that area still. It does protrude slightly definitely more pronounced when erect.