DACH Payment User

Hey there fellow ppl,

now im planning with my piercing artist my next implant and i want it to be a payment one whitch works in Germany. my piercer has a lot of experience with all kinds of implants also payment one from different sources. but as he said he can not give technical advice. “Nur der Mann fürs grobe” like he uses to say.

so now i want to read some suggestions and experiences from ppl who are now paying with an implant.
all kinds of chip experiences and different types are welcome

as said the implanting is no problem but with different kinds of chips there is not a lot but still some kind of choice.

in a different post i said im looking for an upgrade not an exchange. so no limiting after fully healed and no bump or something like that u see it expect for a scar.

pls share your experince with me cant wait to get something implanted a soon as possible :wink:


Yeah wont happen. There will be cases where you can see your chip. It’s not invisible. Others likely wont tho, but there is something under your skin and that will be visible if you look at it.

Everything has downsides.

As said before: get a flexpay1 already… why waste time?

Not really, there’s kinda only the vimpay conversion IMO. Walletmor is to small to be read easily and IAR’s shitty implant looks like it dies before being implanted.

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