Dangerous Things card reader to launch a sequence of code

So basically, I just implanted my NExT chip yesterday, super excited!! I got the deluxe kit so it came with the USB tag reader to open your computer with and I wanna program a bit of code that, when my PC is open, resting on the desktop screen, if I scan my hand on the scanner, it will execute that bit of code. Maybe to launch a URL, maybe open a folder somewhere, who knows lol but I want to try a bunch of things out. The thing is, I have no clue how to go about making that work.

I have experience with coding, that’s not so much the issue as I’m not sure with Windows 10 what language to program it in(shell something, c++, visual basic, etc.) Or how to go about approaching programming something that will execute upon the event of my scanner being scanned with my ID tag.

Any ideas/input from those more seasoned?

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KBR1 acts as keyboard input that types the UID of the HF side of your next. So I’m not sure how possible that is with it.
You’d be better off getting n ACR122U and programming Windows to automatically open the an NDEF file on it

This is absolutely possible with a program called autohotkey. It can detect any key combo being typed (such as your implants I’d) and intercept it to execute something else. I can’t go into too much detail right now since I’m not at my computer but it has great documentation and plenty of tutorials


Oh yes I’ve worked with AutoHotKey before that’s perfect! Great idea I just couldn’t think off the top of my head where it was executable from :slight_smile:

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For example, I would want to it to scan for my implant UID followed by the enter key, then if it’s the correct UID, launch Dangerous things forum, else read incorrect UID, then have a failsafe for timeout

Alternatively, without installing anything, make a shortcut to the application you want to launch in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 and name the shortcut the UID of your implant. To launch the application, hit Win-R (run) then scan the implant.


Was literally about to comment this, achieving what op is describing would be pretty easy with AHK,