Dangerous Things meetup Oct 17 to 21

The only issues with the roads are when you have top hop on the highway, then in 1/4th of a mile get across all 5 lanes full of Dallas drivers to take a left exit lol

Yeah I don’t miss the suicide lane changes


Can we come hang out and but not stay at the air bnb for cheaper? :sweat_smile:


Hah well… it would make breaking even on the Airbnb and van rentals a bit difficult :wink:

That’s why I mentioned not staying at the air bnb, surely people can come to the barcade or wherever people are hanging out

Sure, I just mean I’ve already booked the Airbnb… money has been spent already is all

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That’s Houston tho. The Dallas Mixmaster isnt any better though

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It’s even worse, when you realize I used to drive a semi truck through that garbage :scream:


I’ve driven a few from Dallas to the George R. Brown in Houston. Definately wasnt fun and recommend 0/10

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If I were to stay an extra week after the event, are there any national parks or places to do some long hiking/backpacking and free wild camping? Ideally some isolated and beautiful place

I found this https://www.reddit.com/r/Dallas/s/dL9tHRGgoV
But I don’t know what the comments are worth

The eagle rock loop looks cool

Central Texas is crowded. To get away by yourself, you’d best get away. Case in point; the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area is ~6.5 million people. The whole neighboring state of Arkansas has only ~3.0 million people. Plus, it’s right next door, as whole states go.

Queen Wilhelmina A beautiful lodge and trails.

Quartz Crystal Digging Some places have camping, some do not. The question is, do you fancy digging in the dirt?

Petit Jean One of the most beautiful state parks here. The views. A much longer drive, but worth it. Also, they have a simply gorgeous waterfall.

Washington State Park This one’s smaller and probably best seen on the way somewhere else, but still high quality. It was the capital of Arkansas during the Civil War. It’s an 1800’s town preserved as a museum. Small, like I said, but cool. It’s the birthplace of the (actual) Bowie Knife, and has a gatling gun in the gun museum if you’re into that. Plus an active blacksmith’s shop run by the state, and the James Black School of Bladesmithing, which is where almost everyone on Forged in Fire learned their trade. (and yeah, you can totally earn college credit for that)

And last, but certainly not least…
Crater of Diamonds Yeah, diamonds. About 100 million years ago, a volcano heaved up a 30-40 acre chunk of diamond bearing material. Today it’s a state park, operated on the finders keeps rule. As long as you pay your admission ($10), any diamond you find is yours to keep. Admittedly rare, but people find one or two a week.

There’s other parks too, but that’d be my top suggestions. Not that I’m trying to schill for the great state of Arkieland, but if you like trees and your solitude, not many better places.


That’s exactly what I was looking for. I was thinking of spending 2-3 days in the Ouachita national forest. I see a couple of the names you mentioned are around there :ok_hand:


Big bend is the best spot for astronomy, however it’s a long long long drive from Dallas. And last time I was there I was armed because there was a lot of cartel activity


I wish I could go but this is too far for me. If you’re ever in the Midwest, let me know :wink: Have fun everyone! Take pics or it didn’t happen.


Tried to organize something a few years ago, and it slowly fell apart if I remember correctly

We could take another crack I suppose


What part of the midwest? It’s quite a large place.


Michigan Ohio Indianna was my remembrance of where most people where


I’m in eastern Kansas. :cry: (Which some may not consider midwest.)

I’m just outside of Detroit and it’s considered Midwest…

It’s a shame we didn’t organize a meet this month. I have an entire empty house that could be used right now…