Dangerous Things meetup Oct 17 to 21

Ok guys… we’ve talked about it… and now it’s happening.

Since this is a very limited event (15 people only), tickets are being made available to DT Club members first. After a couple weeks if we’re not at capacity, I will publish this link to the rest of the forum.

Any Q/A can be posted in this thread.


Oooo… This may overlap a work meeting i have in Dallas around the same time.


Woulda been fun, but my work starts ramping up in Oct.

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I would love to go, but I can’t buy a ticket til next paycheck. Hopefully there’s still 1 left lol
If not, I’m excited this is happening and hope someone documents it one way or another!


Hrm interesting, but I’m not sure that I bring anything to the table

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If I were to send a chip 2 weeks from now for a CoM conversion, would it be ready for install by the meet up date?
I’ve finally got a debit card with a compatible chip and want to reach out to Pineapple to install it along with the UG4. Timing it with the meetup would be awesome instead of trying to plan 2 Dallas trips.


I’ll keep this on my radar. I’m in Dallas frequently for work (just booked another trip today). Maybe I can get it to line up with a work visit.


Pineapple should be invited down one day to do installs all day. lol.


I was going to mention I’ll be in Seattle later this year, the weekend before this it turns out


pff whatever …



easily ready by then… however I’m not sure if Pineapple will be. He’s on leave for now… might not be back in action for a while. However, there seems to be another installer in town that is also capable. We might talk to her.

Man it would be good to see you again!

If you have time to explore a bit, hit me up!


I thought I had the excuse of expensive tickets and long flights but I just checked and they’re 600-700$ so now I’m genuinely torn…
I have no idea where I’ll be, what job I’ll be doing or how stable I’ll be financially in October though :flushed:

I’ll think very hard about it :eyes:

Tell me more about Dallas, I’ve never been there!


I was just there for a couple of months, mostly confined to hotel/training but there is a lot of good BBQ, the ability to experience 4 seasons in one day, young artsy downtown vibe not exclusive to young people, and friendly people.


I can turn you on to some of the best Street corn I’ve had in Texas as well as a great seafood place, both in the heart of Dallas…
Also a great hot pot restaurant with actual A5 wagu and some good sake bombs lol

Awesome! I’m dissolving my card this weekend. I plan on sending it when I get my next paycheck, 2 Wednesdays from now.


I was there last week and going again first week of July. I don’t typically seem much of anything but what is between the airport and customer, but if the sales guy is with me, I’ve experienced some of the higher end restaurants (otherwise it’s Chipotle. lol)
There’s a cool aviation museum at nearby Love field. https://flightmuseum.com/
For the gamers: https://nvmusa.org/
Science museum: https://www.perotmuseum.org/

Weather should be decent that time of year I think.


Lived there for 10 years and if i didnt have kids i would be back there. I love it. The people are crazy friendly, the food… omg the food choices are out of this world. there is always something to do and an amazing night life.


Dallas has 4 or so districts

Uptown - Chic expensive but walkable
Bishop Arts - Arts district, music, bars, decent restuarants, fun shops
Deep Ellum - This is the night life district, great bars and better restuarants
Downtown - Pretty shit at night but lots to do, some amazing museums, the Kennedy exhibit is probably one of my fav’s, Omni has a great rotating restuarant at the top.

Food -
Cane Rosso - Neopolitan Style Thin crust Pizza - get the Honey Bastard (Hot soprasotta, Fresh Mozz, and a Honey Habenaro Bacon Marmalade drizzle across the top), For dessert get the Edgar (Vanilla Marscapone, Marshmellow, Nutella drizzle)

Lockharts BBQ - excellent BBQ

NOVA - All around good food, higher class deeper budget

Gloria’s - amazing texmex.


Deepellum - Anvil Pub, always one of my favorites.
Bishop Arts - there arent many but there is one with a secret room, its a standing only cocktail bar with a fake wall in the back that leads to a speakeasy cocktail bar.

Kung-Fu/Barcadia - Bar Arcade, pretty self explainatory.

Strangeways - best place for Eclectic Beers, if you sweet talk the barstaff they may go to the basement and let you sample some rare run kegs.

The Dallasite - this was my home for 10 years. its dirty, you may get hepatitis, but its some of the realest people that will give you the shirt off their back.

Things to do:
Escape Rooms
Gamebox - AR Gaming
Ax Throwing

If you want more reccomendations that are more directed let me know. or specific reccmendations around food types, Pho, yakitori, hotpot, american, BBQ, i had a running restuarant list i kept between myself and coworkers


Fuck it I’m in, tomorrow I’m getting tickets and everything! Texas, get ready!




If Pilgrim goes I’ll book a flight


I’ll dig out my leap motion and old code and let everyone with a magent touch virtual objects :wink: