Dangerous Things xLED Implantable Field Detector KSEC

Relevant and recent reply from Amal earlier in this thread, I know there is a lot to take in…

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From the man himself, it’s the same internals, just one is made with good materials and quality checked

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But once the actual Implantable is in after swelling so on that one will work better then the tester are will it be the same as the key chain

So sorry for all the questions I just really want to be sure the Implantable will perform when near NFC on phone are the reader I’ve just bought.

Questions are fine, we all wanna be sure of what we’re sticking in our body :sunglasses:

Let me ask the question backwards, what performance are you looking for out of the XLED implant?

Just because you mentioned something I want to make sure you are on the same page

The implant will only light up in close proximity to a reader, when it is “working”

Cellphones often “work” in short bursts to save battery power

So my thoughts are

It’s implanted after say 4weeks I would put my phone / reader near the implant and ait would light up look good


This key chain I have to literally have the phone on top of the key chain to see… Dull dull bright repeat process so if I was showing anyone they Wouldent see this as my phone would be on top of the chip not near it like it shows in the display images when you but the product.

All good buddy, it is a sensible thing to get straight in your mind before commiting.

Yep, they will be near identical.
The Keychain thickness may well replicate the distance of you implant under your skin.

This is your Phone, NOT implant related

Check out

?Most? of the Blinky you will see, will be the xSIID…this has a chip and the reader will perform differently, and “better” for showing off…

To me it sounds like you may want to upgrade to an xSIID

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Remember a picture is a moment in time,
The keychain is also getting that bright, it’s just not constant

The desktop readers will likely make it much brighter as they can happily pump a lot more energy out

Phones are all about making your battery last, so they just aren’t going to be as intense of a rfid field

I’ve noticed androids do seem to have more oomph than iPhones, but iPhones have nfc turned on ALL the time, so you don’t have to try to instruct someone how to turn it on on their phone

It’s a 50/50


Wow they look amazing I wish I’d of known of these beforehand

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OK I’m very very happy took my tester to the shop paid with my bank card it lit up Bright and very strong continously well happy with that :grin:

Thnx everyone for the help and support you all rule can’t wait to get it installed

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Advice anyone from UK England please message me direct regarding instalation seems due to law changes I can’t get my implant done


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@greydoc what are these English legal changes of which he speaks?

(I don’t know if Scottish or NI law has also changed, but I wouldn’t suggest anyone travelling from England to Scotland at the moment)

It’s the whole Dr evil thing it set a legal president and pushed a lot of body mod stuff underground.

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??? I have been away from the UK for 21 years now…
Legal Precedents are more of an English thing, Scots law usually follows … the law.

Not one person near me will help due to the mod guy that cut of someone’s ear n went to jail it seems to of pushed body mods underground some say the law, hasn’t changed just peoole don’t wanna do this kind of thing as its risky

I may of found someone

If it falls through, come back and ask, there are a few people that may be able to give you some direction
either by official recognised installers
or some of the community members.
Is your Bio accurate? Are you in Blackpool?

If it all works out well, it would be good to share that info for others in the future ( If the piercer is happy for you to make it public here, otherwise you could possibly share the info via DM to a few of the UK members to store away.)

Also, if they wanted to become a recognised installer, they should probably contact @KaiCastledine from KSEC.

I’m not sure of the process, but here are some contact details

Email : contact-us@ksec.co.uk
Post : KSEC Worldwide LTD C/O Sussex Independent, Downford House, 16 George Street, Hailsham, East Sussex, United Kingdom, BN27 1AE

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Oh brilliant thankyou I’ve had a few ppl offer help had more help of this site installers on ksec page are laughable one person tel no she was annoyed I’d rang said she doesn’t know and to take her no off website another said he would do it but couldn’t tell me price lol had more help here then I have all day going threw correct channels.

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Not the best feedback, but something i’m sure @KaiCastledine would like to be aware of

Well that’s good feedback for us

@Chrisl @Zwack Sorry for the late reply, basically all piercing, including subdermal, falls under local bylaws and not national law.

The real difficulty is when implants blur the line between subdermal cosmetic piercing and “surgical procedure”.

The crux of the matter is that using a 4g needle to do an insert could be classed as a subdermal and so could fall under a local bylaws for piercing legislation but that depends on the wording of the bylaw and the local interpretation. In the end these piercers may lose their personal and shop license if they fall foul of this. The only national caveat is… BA DUM if you are registered health care professional. Then not only can you perform the procedure but you can do so without local council oversight except my local bylaw (Surrey) still suggests doing it on a registered premises.

I take the tack that if I, an experienced health care professional, didn’t help this person then they would likely either attempt the procedure itself or ask a less trained or experienced friend to do it for them resulting in harm. Harm reduction is at the core or medical ethics so I sleep very soundly at night…

Anyway, hope that helps and hope you have found a suitable installer.