DC31 Biohacker Meetup

Hello World!

This is all very last minute and low effort. I wanted to post here that I’m going to be throwing a small biohacker meetup at DEFCON 31 this year! Come grab a drink, and mingle with fellow biohackers.

Linq bar
Thursday, August 10th @ 20:00

In addition to the meetup I am throwing a raffle with several X-Series kits as prizes. Information and a link to the raffle signup can be found at https://l0l.zip

Here’s the boring legal details:

  • You must be present physically at DEFCON 31 or have someone present to pick up your prize for you
  • Prizes will not be shipped
  • Entries to the raffle are 100% free. Nothing is required to enter outside of completing a captcha and being present at DEFCON 31.
  • You must be 18+ to claim an implant kit as a prize (I’m sorry I just don’t want to be held liable in any way for giving an implant kit to a minor)

I’ll be at Defcon this year, looking forward to the meetup!

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