Deadbolt working with my xSIID

Thought ya’ll would enjoy this. Finally got my deadbolt installed and programmed with my xSIID. it works great.



Also… puppies :slight_smile:


I guess that would help. hahaha

the lock is from Yamiry

the implant is the xSSID. I was able to load my chip into the TTLock app, which works with the deadbolt. all works super well…

Did I miss anything?

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Awesome! I’d love to see a full review of the lock.

From what I could find, that deadbolt uses the TTLock app, is this correct? And is it possible to set it up without the app?


It does use the TTLOCK app. Honestly I don’t think I can program the lock without the app. but I could delete my account now and the deadbolt would work just fine.

The lock is too new as of now for a full review on my end but it’s worked 95% of the time. Only time I had trouble was when it was a bit colder out the other night.

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I assume the answer will be similar to mine when you asked here, which, if you remember, also uses the same app

So far I have been impressed by the (sample size of 2) locks using TTLock, and I would happily buy another if I needed one.
Obviously, I am happy to report it is still working flawlessly, no REGERTS

I am also sure I have seen that same lock on AliExpress, which might save you a couple of buck buddy.

Also @odaily , A while back you were looking for a deadbolt lock for your workshop / warehouse :man_shrugging: Did you ever find one? From memory of your requirements, this lock @mikeymo101 found, looks like it will tick some, if not all of your boxes…

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Yes… Now go over to the Share your cutest cyborgs! thread.


So the building owner replaced the door as the jamb was rotten. He put in a door with 3 dead bolts and the regular latch. No way I’m gonna install 3 of 'em. Besides, one of them is about ankle high, and I’m too lazy for that.

Maybe when I get my own place.


Can you turn off the sound? I hate the “unlocked” already lol

Price is good

I might be able to sell the wife on something like this now that I think about it :thinking:

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:100: yes second thing I did after recording the video hahahan

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Well, it has been 2 hours, and I know you didn’t ask me, so ignore my reply if you want.

My guess is all of these TTLock product are very similar internals just in different form factors.

On my lock
YES, It is possible to turn the sound off…

“M is typing”
haha, and 2 hours later we replied at the same time…anyway, screenshots for you…

I assumed the same but asked in case they updated their firmware to support a phone free setup. And IIRC, yours is a mortise lock and it didn’t work with glassies.

TBF, the fact that this one works with the xSIID is making me consider ordering one and using an old phone for the app as I’m a bit paranoid about those things.

sorry I wasn’t by my computer and the forum is hard to follow on Phone. But yes @Pilgrimsmaster is absolutely correct. You can definitely turn off the sound. I did it after this video was recorded. The screenshot posted is correct.

Does the lock itself seem reasonably secure?

I’m also curious if I could change the bitting,

If I set it up to use my existing key, I’m pretty sure I don’t even need to have a conversation with my land lord per my lease

@darthdomo, @init6 there’s a chance I might pick one of these up before CircleCityCon

Just need to find something to mount it into

i got the same lock when i read my fobs that came with them they are 13.56 ev1 i believe and i was hoping to use the magic 1k but i cant seem to get a dump and programmed. should of thought of this one

I would assume your M1k will still work great. Have you downloaded the TTLock app and added your chip instead of trying to program your chip? It should be the lock that has the chip ID rather than the other way around.

i have and it wount read the mk1 ring just errors out… is it cuz it not fully written? … mine has a key number pad finger print and the card

As does mine, but I don’t have a ring with which to test it though.

Range wise, I would have thought the ring would read pretty easily.

I couldn’t get my xM1 to read but it reads my FlexM1 very easily, The Rings performance, I believe, is somewhere between the two.

Do you own a proxmark or are you just using MCT app to read/write/clone your ring?

If it is a EV1, you won’t be able to copy this to your magic ring.

Can you do a TagInfo scan of one of your fobs?

I have a proxmark and I’ll scan it with tag indo when get home but I belive I wanna say it’s a ev1 just figured I could register ring tho. But ill check when home