Dell Laptop with Spark 2

I am looking to get an implant for logging into my work laptop. I have a Dell laptop for work and it has a smart card reader built in. I checked the specs for the laptop on and the the specs here [Dell Specs link](https://Latitude 5420 Rugged Laptop) on page 16 it says “ISO certification ISO14443A” which is the same standard as the Spark 2, so I am wondering if this would work or if anyone has done this.

Thank You in advance of for all of your help.

First thing, The link is incomplete there :slight_smile: Second, The Spark 2 is likely to work since it is ISO14443A compliant. If I was you I would look into what software is required and test it out with a spare NTAG or Mifare card.

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And MOST of the other HF implants, so you have some other options available to you also

Sorry the link was not good, here is the full link .

Also I forgot to mention that I tried to scan the provided card (HID iClass DP) with my proxmark pro and it would not scan on either LF or HF.

I also put an NTAG in the read area and it would not read, then I put spare mifare (both 1k and 4k) cards on there and it would read but I could not enroll. The software that they are using is Rapid Identity.

Thank you for your quick responses.

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= HF

I’m not familiar with the use of the Proxmark Pro. Although I do like the idea of them.

What was your menu options that you followed?

Thank you for the quick responses, I know a little about this stuff but this seems to be getting the better of me.

With the Proxmark Pro settings:
Unchained> HF 13.56MHz> Identify = which it would not identify the iClass but it would read the other cards that I have.

I also tried:
Unchained > HF 13.56MHz > Antenna = This showed me that the antenna went from 12370mV - 1500mV as I move the card closer, like it knows something is there but it cant identify it.

Most people here have a PM3 Easy or RDV4, there might be some with knowledge of PM3 Pro and your best approach, but if nobody else here can jump in to help you out, it might be worth searching THEN asking in the RFID hackers discord.

Heres an invite

Good luck, and let us know how it goes.