Demagnetized m31

So, I have an m31 implant for almost 3 years now. In the last few months I feel it doesn’t react to electromagnetic fields anymore, nor to common metals, it only reacts to strong magnets. Is it a commom issue? Is there something I could to to “remagnetize” it?

Magnets like this do not just demagnetize. I think you might be experiencing a slow failure. Is there any physical pain or sensitivity to the touch? Any discoloration? In any case I would have it removed.

I know it’s demagnetized because the problem is not just my lack of sensitivity, the magnet also doesn’t hold paper clips or weak magnets like it used to, for example

What Amal is saying is if it demagnetized, then you should have it removed as it’s probably failing and should no longer stay implanted or it may cause issues for your finger.

There is no way to re-magnetize it.

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Yes correct. Please have it removed asap.

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