Demographics Please

So there was this poll that asked about how many implants we’ve all got.

Now that got me wondering about some other stats on our community. Feel free to participate or not, I understand it’s not going to be the most perfect data.

  • Male
  • Female

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  • 0-15
  • 16-18
  • 19-21
  • 22-24
  • 25-27
  • 28-30
  • 31-33
  • 34-36
  • 37-39
  • 40-42
  • 43-45
  • 46-48
  • 49-51
  • 52-54
  • 55-57
  • 58-60
  • 61-63
  • 64-66
  • 67-69
  • 70+

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If you want any other info about our group I feel like this’ll be the place to ask.

I dont want to be that guy but can we please get an “other” and “prefer not to say” :wink:


I waited too long and it won’t let me edit the poll after 5 minutes. :frowning: Sorry about that @Devilclarke.

@Devilclarke, I have a solution for “prefer not to say”


I know but it would be nice if the numbers tied up.

I’m pretty sure PilgrimsMaster can fix your poll with his mod powers. I agree with Devilclarke, there should at least be an “Other” under gender. We got a lot of “they/them” in this community


I did try to add “other” and “prefer not to answer”, before my cheeky comment, No can do outside of the 5 minutes unfortunately.

It’s one of those things that easily catch people out if you don’t plan what data you are trying capture. ( Including myself )
However The binary gender poll may be exactly what @Ima_Wana_Be was after.

The poll asks:

Scientifically/ Biologically/ Genetically speaking, humans are either one, or the other, It is a binary question (with hermaphrodites as the only exception as a genetic mutation)
How you identify Culturally/ Socially/ speaking, I have seen a whole range I don’t actually know the answer as to how many, so to get my facts, I just now googled and found
2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 15, 26, 33, 56, 58, 63, 64, 70.

That was just the first page results (I put into ascending order), with a non biased search term “genders”

Discourse has a poll limit of 20, so even if you did 20, what about the upto 50 other options (from those search results above) that will get offended, pissed off, disappointed, or upset if they are not included?

To summarise the original poster @Ima_Wana_Be

Now I’m curious…

How do you identify:

  • Non Binary
  • Male/Female

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As someone fond of semantics…

Imo, science would cover culturally, socially, psychologically, ect… Non anatomically based gender identity can still be looked at in a scientific way.


Yeah, however, In that instance, I was referring to Physical sciences rather than… the others

You don’t think psychology or to a larger extent medicine is a physical science? Given it’s basically the study of a large biochemical and bioelectrical mess :rofl:

Depends who you talk to really, but many geneticists and some other scientific fields woukd be happy to argue that sex is actually not binary, but is a spectrum that is defined by your individual sex hormones and genetics.

The whole X and Y chromosome thing is simplistic and outdated … and kinda incorrect too.

Semantics, perhaps, but the term “intersex” is more accepted and used these days as their are scientific and moral/ethical questions about the term hermaphrodite.

Not to derail the topic or sound attacking! Just wanted to share the info and throw in my 2¢ :purple_heart:


Regarding Demographics:
Why? I mean it’s the internet here, if it’s just a random curiosity, then I’ll probably abstain from answering. If there was a point, then maybe. Depends on how (and what) that helps.

Regarding Gender:
This is one of those things that I end up being supremely neutral on. Mostly cause I just don’t care what flips your switch. Happy? Not causing problems? Nobody getting hurt? Then it’s all good. You just keep being you.

Only thing I don’t like is people trying to pick a non-binary gender in order to weaponize the social aspect of it. Pretty shitty if you ask me. Like people don’t have enough problems without stirring up more.

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Yeah, through my defense of a “simple” question I have caused this to derail.
There are so many points of view/ opinions/ definitions above that I could pull apart as can mine be pulled apart by others;
I wasn’t even going to say anything…knowing this was going to occur.

Humans are humans, race, skin colour, creed, sexual orientation, gender
I really don’t give a flying fuck either way.
You do you


Right, so you are gender neutral, gotcha :+1: :wink:
You do you

Nailed it right there, as far as gender is concerned since that kinda blew up I only threw it in to have another stat. I was actually more interested in the age info. The thought occurred to me that if I’m lucky I’ll grow fairly old and still be host to the same implants I put in at the beginning.

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