Dental Implants?

I’m getting some dental work done (replacement upper canines). Does anyone know if there are any NFC crowns for teeth?

I’ve found a discussion paper at

But I can’t find anything about people doing this in the real world.

Any thoughts or links appreciated.

It might be because it’s less convenient to bite the reader than to present your hand to it to open the door…


Can you fit your phone or a proxmark in your mouth? :stuck_out_tongue:

You might find this interesting

and the follow up

My phone can read a normal NFC chip in my mouth if I hold the phone to my lips. So, yes.

I don’t intend to use this for opening doors though :grinning:

What do you mean with normal NFC Chips?

Have you used one of theese keychain tags?

Their antenna is way bigger then anything that can fit in your tooth.

If you have a tag in the size of something that could fit in a teeth you can try again but antenna size is key for reading range…

And in a teeth is not much space for an antenna…

I’ve been using these fingernail NFC chips.

They work really well - and my little fingernail doesn’t seem that much bigger than my tooth.

I did a research project on this idea a few years ago. I got an implant put in where a wisdom tooth was taken out and had them leave me the post without capping it off with a tooth. I did some testing by putting things in prosthetic teeth and found read range when you start to shrink it down and wrap it around the surface of a tooth is terrible. A dedicated tooth scanned would be needed that can provide a fair bit more power. And the closer you get to the front of the mouth the smaller the teeth making this even harder to do. Don’t get me wrong, it’s possible! Just heard to do right.

Good news is the teeth you got placed can pretty easily be removed and new nfc ones placed if you design any. You now have bone screws you can mount anything on!


This has piezoelectric powered Bluetooth low energy written all over it. Click your teeth twice and the lights come on. But wait there’s more. Pay extra shipping and handling and you get two blueteeth!


What about a magnet so you can do direct bone conduction sound with an external coil for modulation?

Good idea at a glance but the magnet needs to move some. If it’s fully in a rigid body it won’t move. You’d need an internal little cavity with a flexible metal membrane that can move then it’d work. I’ve had issues in the past with putting bone conduction things in resins for this reason. It’s hard to get a consistent air pocket without seizing the membrane

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