Describe what it's like having a magnetic implant

Hi guys!

I found myself trying to describe the subjective experience of what it felt like to have a magnetic implant and realized I’ve only had the experience of having the original (and failed) m31 product. I am curious what people’s experiences have been having the xG3 (v1 axial), the xG3 (v2 diametric), and the Titan implant. Please post your experiences here!


I have a titan in my ringfinger.
EM fields basically produce a very very fine vibration. Way more subtle than I had imagined, way “sharper” and more nuanced than what I expected.

I hoped that will morph into a more passive thing, but it’s a very clear signal.

Interacting with other magnets is exactly as you’d imagine if you ever had 2 magnets.


My TITAN is too new. Its healing - I got it about 2 weeks ago (November 9th) Sometimes I was able too feel a magnetic field. I will do this waht my bodymod says for my other magnet: "Don’t play for 2 month)

I have the xG3 VI in my right tragus - I can hear some magentic field - speical the field from the library in “Trier” It was sad that the gates were turned off, whe mI visited it in November.
I was able in 2019 to hear the gates from 5 - 6 meters away.

I have an other magnet - I was too slowly for the m31 so I got in 2018 a magnet from Samppa. This magnet is really amazing - I can feel the gates from the library about 1 - 2 meters away.

When I try to describe the feeling to other people, I said to them: "Glue a neodymagnet to your fingertip and put your hand in front of a running microwave.


I had 2 Titans installed at the side of the tip of my ring finger on my left hand and palm side of the webbing between thumb and forefinger. Installed at the end of June 20221. Previously all I had was the xG3 v1 placed on the blade of the same hand installed a year prior in September.

The differences are interesting. The xG3 is much better at determining static magnetic fields but it is very weak for alternating or pulsing fields. The opposite is true for the Titan. It is excellent at feeling small alternating or pulsing magnetic fields. In some cases I can feel the microwave from a foot away. The “crispness” is an accurate description. The movement of the magnet is much more pronounced with the Titan.

Although hearing what @JennyMcLane is saying about the tragus magnet makes me want to get another Titan to place there.