Describe what it's like having a magnetic implant

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I found myself trying to describe the subjective experience of what it felt like to have a magnetic implant and realized I’ve only had the experience of having the original (and failed) m31 product. I am curious what people’s experiences have been having the xG3 (v1 axial), the xG3 (v2 diametric), and the Titan implant. Please post your experiences here!


I have a titan in my ringfinger.
EM fields basically produce a very very fine vibration. Way more subtle than I had imagined, way “sharper” and more nuanced than what I expected.

I hoped that will morph into a more passive thing, but it’s a very clear signal.

Interacting with other magnets is exactly as you’d imagine if you ever had 2 magnets.


My TITAN is too new. Its healing - I got it about 2 weeks ago (November 9th) Sometimes I was able too feel a magnetic field. I will do this waht my bodymod says for my other magnet: "Don’t play for 2 month)

I have the xG3 VI in my right tragus - I can hear some magentic field - speical the field from the library in “Trier” It was sad that the gates were turned off, whe mI visited it in November.
I was able in 2019 to hear the gates from 5 - 6 meters away.

I have an other magnet - I was too slowly for the m31 so I got in 2018 a magnet from Samppa. This magnet is really amazing - I can feel the gates from the library about 1 - 2 meters away.

When I try to describe the feeling to other people, I said to them: "Glue a neodymagnet to your fingertip and put your hand in front of a running microwave.


I had 2 Titans installed at the side of the tip of my ring finger on my left hand and palm side of the webbing between thumb and forefinger. Installed at the end of June 20221. Previously all I had was the xG3 v1 placed on the blade of the same hand installed a year prior in September.

The differences are interesting. The xG3 is much better at determining static magnetic fields but it is very weak for alternating or pulsing fields. The opposite is true for the Titan. It is excellent at feeling small alternating or pulsing magnetic fields. In some cases I can feel the microwave from a foot away. The “crispness” is an accurate description. The movement of the magnet is much more pronounced with the Titan.

Although hearing what @JennyMcLane is saying about the tragus magnet makes me want to get another Titan to place there.


What exactly do you mean by “hearing” magnetic fields?
Do you actually percieve it as a sound or rather as vibration near your ear?

Edit: spelling

If it is a fluctuating magnetic field it should be “audible” as long as it is within the frequency range that humans can perceive.

There shouldn’t be any difference between a magnetic field created from an audio signal and one created by some other mechanism.

I think my spelling mistake messed up what i wanted to ask.

What i meant wasnt the source, but how the sound(perception reaches the brain.
Does one actually hear the sound waves from the magnet rattling in its glass capsule or do you just feel the vribration (no actual sound involved)?

I am curious about this myself. I had read about the Aeropex bone conducting headset and thought it would be rubbish. One day I was able to try one in a store and was surprised and impressed with how good they did ‘sound’

I have no experience but I believe the point of a tragus magnet is it transfers the vibration deep into your ear. So while the sound waves don’t pass through the vibration is heard by the ear.

That might be the idea but very unlikely since squishy tissue… even cartilage… seems a poor conductor of sound. Maybe tho? My thought is that it sticks out away from such tissue and so might be more willing to jiggle and move with enough travel to actually cause the air in the ear canal to carry the sound inward… but all ideas are valid for discussion

According to this article the tragus implant “acts like a speaker”. Whether that is the magnet vibrates enough to vibrate the air in the ear canal, or the magnet vibrates the tragus itself enough to vibrate the air is not entirely clear. However, the difference between a generic fluctuating magnetic field and a Music based one is still irrelevant.

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Most of my experiences have been me going “wait, this is magnetic?” :rofl:

Day to day though I don’t actively notice my xG3 v2 unless I set my hand down on something and stick to it. That being said, it’s definitely changed how I view and interact with things. What I normally wouldn’t give a second thought I’m now in awe of because “ohmygosh I can FEEL the microwave!”

Lifting things is really neat. It’s definitely far more useful than I ever thought it would be. Even just small things like sticking screws to the magnet to keep both hands free while working on something has been a huge benefit to me. Similarly, sensing has been insane. People said it was strange, but it’s impossible to describe how weird it is sensing something for the first time after getting a magnet. Eventually though you get used to “the sense” and it just becomes a normal part of life. My xG3 is definitely my favorite implant that I have, and easily the most fun to use. I’m eventually planning on getting a titan, but not until I can actually justify the cost :sweat_smile:

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I’m interested in getting a xG3 but I don’t really know which one would be the better choice to get.
How much are you able to sense magnetic fields with the v2?
Which location would be best for lifting and sensing?

This. I’ve had three tragus magnets of different sizes and strengths, am switching for a fourth. I’ve tried several different amplifiers and coil configurations.

The magnet vibrates the tragus itself, not the air. I’ve had it work with a foam earplug in. I’ve had my partner press their ear to mine and not hear anything.


I’m able to sense things fairly well with the v2. You’ll probably have better sensing with a v1, however I’d still recommend the v2. The best non-fingertip location for both lifting and sensing would be the knife edge of your hand imo. That’s where I have mine and it can do both just fine.