DESFiRE changeable UID

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Is there a known Mifare desfire chip/ preferably implant that has a changeable UID
I have a system that uses this and would like to copy the card to an implant vs just my proxmark
The flexdesfire seems to have a set UID? Or am I mistaken.
Am I correct in thinkin that UID and serial are interchangeable names here ?
Thanks for the help , thanks for the patience

Yes there are such chips, no they’re not available as implants.
AFAIK they are really rare and expensive and not too many people would need one.

If you own the system you should be able to enroll your own chips, so a flexDF2 should work.

Actually they can even have a random UID every time you read it, the auth is done with crypto on the chip, not the ID.

What system do you have?

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The other point to raise is that the uid isn’t usually used in systems that use defire chips as they are javacards and usually have an app written that is used for the authentication etc.

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I don’t own the system
I have just scanned my card a few times ~6
With phones and proxmark
Each device provides only the serial on the card

Ah ok. I was wondering.
The card shows that 4086bytes are used
So there has to be more than the UID

Yeah unless you query the card correctly that is all that will happen. Unfortunately without access to the system I.e. the ability to enrol tags there isnt really a clone option.

Maybe, just maybe, it can be converted to an implant by Amal?

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Very excite

If you can’t enroll it, I agree, I think this would be your best option. because you won’t have to worry about compatibility and writing to it etc.

If you can provide us with some more information around your access system.
Makes / models and or photos of cards and readers we maybe able to help you further.

Heres a link.

I am not sure if these would be viable for conversion, this would be an “Amal thing”

Bear in mind, as @Devilclarke said

If your system is just looking for a UID

This card will allow for bypass on systems that authenticate based off the UID.
You will just need to know what option to choose.
There are two variations of card, 7-byte UID and 4-byte UID .

and in saying that, if your system is only “looking” for a UID you may have some more options available to you, but again, we would need some more information about your system from you.


I don’t know much about the system. I’m very new at this. And the YouTube university ( my school) lol guides for anything other than Mifare are limited.
The scanning shows 7 sets for the uid

So I purchased one of the cards from the link
Haha I like the very modifiable cards like that. The Flexibility is very cool