DESFire EV1 8k Implantat

Hallo liebes DangerousthingsTeam,
Ich habe vor ca einem Jahr einen DESFire EV1 8k gekauft und seit März habe ich ihn in meiner Hand implantiert. Er dient als Hausschlüssel für einen Dom Schließsystem. Bis vor ca zwei Wochen hat das auch ohne Probleme funktioniert, nur jetzt erkennt weder der Schließzylinder, mein Handy noch andere Lesegeräte den Chip. An was kann das liegen? Bzw. kann der Chip kaputt gegangen sein oder habt ihr Tipps für mich was das Problem sein könnte.

Liebe Grüße

Dear Sirs and madames,
I bought a DESFire FV1 8k, last year. The chip was implanted into my hand in March 2018. I’m using it as a doorkey for a “Dom” locking system. Since two weeks the closing cylinder doesn’t recognize my smartphone nor do other reading devices regognize my implanted chip. So I am wondering what’s the matter with my implanted chip? Is it possible that the chip is broken? Please give me a feedback to that issue and hopefully a solution to solv it.

Yours Regina

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Have you attempted to scan the chip with any device other than your door lock, such as an android phone using NFC tools, or another type of HF/NFC scanner?

That may help narrow down if it is the door or the chip having the issue.

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I am not sure of the translation here. The way it is written means that the cylinder lock does not work with your smartphone or your chip implant. This would mean that the cylinder lock is probably broken. However, I think what you’re saying is that the chip implant cannot be read by the cylinder lock or your smartphone.

If this is the case, then it may be that the flexDF is no longer working. Can you confirm if this was the early short and wide version, or the newer longer and narrow version? In either case we replace implants for free, so if you reply to your order confirmation email with your current shipping address and mention this forum thread I will ensure a replacement is sent.

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Native here, your assumption is correct, is the translation is wrong. Gina wrote that neither the lock, nor a smartphone or other readers detected the implant.


Ok, then @Gina will get a replacement flexDF. Please reply to the order confirmation email with a link to this thread and we will send a replacement out for you and a return label to send the defective device back to us for analysis.


Hello Amal,
sorry for my bad englisch. It is very hard for me to translate all this things right. This translation ist right!
neither the lock, nor a smartphone or other readers detected the implant
I dont know witch version it is. I have only the full name from the orderingpaper but i mean it is the newer longer and narrow version. Dangerous Things flexDF Implantat (DESFire EV1 8k)

I do not know which order email I should answer. Should I order the new chip and reply to this e-mail?

Ok. When you ordered the flexDF, you should have received an order confirmation email with an order number. What was that order number?


I bought the chip a year ago, I do not have this email anymore.

Ok do you know what email address you used to order with and the name? You can PM me with this info and we can look it up.

How can i write you a pm? I can only reply to this topic…

Click his name, then click message.


Either I’m too stupid or I cant write him a pm :sweat:

Ah. If I remember right, you need to reach member status on the forum before you can msg individuals.

I think @Aemun is correct.

you could try contacting through DT webpage

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