DESFire EV3 compatible ring?

I have a Schlage 8643T key fob for my apartment and google seems to say that the technology is DESFire EV3: Schlage/Allegion | (aptiQ) DESFire EV3 Multi-Technology Thin Key Fob, #8643T (100 Fobs). I asked my building management if they would write my fob credentials to a blank fob if I were to bring them one and they seem fine with the idea granted I return the old fob, so now I’m trying to find an NFC ring that is compatible. Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction? (I’m assuming here that the fob uses NFC, or does it actually use RFID?)

I don’t know of any ring products with a desfire inside.


Just Sayin’

The beauty of the Flex, is you can test and enrol before installation