Detached Nubbin

There is a little nubbin that is placed on the inside of the needle to prevent the chip from sliding out by mistake if the syringe is inverted. When the plunger is deployed the chip is forced past the nubbin and into the implantation site.

Can the nubbin become detached by the passing chip and end up being injected into the site and if so, what is it made of?

I think that it’s some kind of silicone? It’s unlikely for that to get detached and end up inside of you. Or at least I hope.

I also think it’s unlikely because it’s securely attached. But even if it becomes loose, that’s a big W bc u get a free implant.

Haha yes it’s medical grade silicone and very securly attached to the needle surface. Unless you pick at it specifically it won’t come off. The chip itself also has medical grade lubricant like the needle does, so it will slide over that silicone bump like butter.


Got it - plunger pushes the chip over the medically lubricated nubbin…
Now I need a cold shower and a lie down.


I think that the chip ships in a position in which it presses on the nub and not behind it. So the chances of getting a free implant are rather small.

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In most cases the chip is behind the nub but still… the silicone is applied to dry rolled steel which is kinda rough at the nanoscale, which provides a great surface for silicone to adhere to… but the lubricant puts to bed any concerns about it coming loose during deployment.

Also it’s med silicone. You’ll just have a little buddy along for the ride if it ever did detach.