DHL wants some detailed information

So I got message from DHL
I need to describe each item from receipt like this:

  1. What is it?
  2. From which material is it made?
  3. What is it for?

Can someone help me with this?
I don’t want them to start opening it or sth if they won’t understand me correctly.

I never had to do anything like that.

From your name I’m guessing Poland?

If you bought it direct from DT then it’s probably for them to pass it onto customs. They have have had several come through since christmas probably and want to investigate what they actually are.

While I can’t give you a list of what materials, in case I miss something, I would definitely suggest mentioning that they are sterile. So they will hesitate to go opening stuff willy nilly.

I would suggest waiting for input from @amal , @mdanger or one of the other veteran posters here.

Is there a deadline when you need to have the info provided?


Yeah Poland and yeah customs.
4 days after they receive it they will start charging me. 10 days and it will be send back.
Anything special to tell them?

Or just
2 RFID chips
2 NFC chips
All metal, encapsulated in glass, 3 in needles.

2 readers, diagnostic card - metal, plastic

Lydocaine and a needle

Everything is sterile.

That’s all?

Hi Midoriya,

Let me try to help you with this. I’ll PM you.

My best,



Thanks I am waiting for PM then.