Did I brick my Magic Ring gen2?

Sorry I am still learning all the commands.

These are the outputs I am getting:

If my ring is still salvageable let me know if there are any specific commands I can try please :slight_smile:

Is this the DT magic ring?

Have you managed to get access to an Android
to try MCT?
Although I’ve never tried MCT on a gen 4 (if thats what it ACTUALLY is)

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To be honest I’m not sure what I have :laughing:

I just ordered it off of the dt site last month. The page says it is a 13.56MHz Mifare 1k Magic gen2 chip

I only have an iPhone and need to ask a friend who has an Android, but wanted to make sure it wasn’t bricked first.

It seems some gen4 chips have made their way into the magic rings… we have no idea which are which at this point.