Difference between the 2 rings

Uhmm so I am new to all of this implants and stuff. and I am a bit skeptical about getting an implant and wanted to first get a ring. But before that I wanted to know whether it would be better to get the Dual frequency one or the magic mifare one.

Depends on what you want to use it for.

They are actually BOTH dual frequency

They BOTH have a Low Frequency T5577 chip…which as this video explains is Awesome

Where they differ is

The Magic ring has a Mifare Classic 1k Chip
Basically a High Frequency Chip, that is in common use and it has a changable NUID
And you can change this NUID with your Phone using an app like MCT

The Dual Frequency Ring has an NTAG216 chip with 888 bytes of memory and you can write NDEF data to it ( Business cards, urls etc ) and you would use your phone to write to it with an app like these TagWriter or NFC Tools.

My current favourite implant is the NExT implant which it the implant version of The Dual Frequency Ring

If the Magic Ring was in xSeries ( Glass implant ) form factor, that would be my new favourite.

What it comes down to is , what do you want to use it for?

A ring is a valid way to start on your journey.

Any more questions, fire Away

Fwiw, I believe I bought the last dual frequency :sweat_smile: sorry… but maybe this simplifies your choice

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Yep the dual frequency rings is discontinued at this point.

Well I originally wanted one for access control and I also wanted to have business cards. But I also liked the Magic Mifare chip so I am really stuck as to which one I wanted. But i guess I can only get the Magic Ring.

Will anything ever like that one be released or no? Because if there is no plan for an NFC and RFID ring to be released I guess I will get the dual Frequency one

If this wasn’t the case, my advice would be to buy both. Rings tend to be cheaper than implants and having a choice between the two NFC chips could help you decide what to buy if you opt to get implants.