Difference in ID and Keyboard Output

I’ve started memorizing the ID for the HF side of my NExT implant, but I noticed that the ID/serial number that shows up when I scan it in NXP TagInfo or NFC Tools Pro is different than what the Dangerous Things KBR1 types out, and I’m not just talking about the hexadecimal numbers being split into pairs of two by colons.

The number portions of the ID remain the same in the KBR1 output, but “8F” gets changed to “8u” and “0A” gets changed to “0a”. Does anyone know why that happens?

The 0A 0a is easy to answer.
The KBR types put the letter, if you have capslock on it is 0A.
Case doesn’t matter for hex so that’s expected, sone tools use upper case, some lower.

The 8F 8u thing is very strange tho’.
I would not have thought the KBR would ever type a u.

The 0A 0a part makes sense, but it’s definitely the change from 8F to 8u that confuses me the most. I would have expected it to just be 8f.

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I bet you use a dvorak keyboard layout :slight_smile:


O.O That’s it! I do use Dvorak, and if the value is getting remapped then it would change to “u” instead of “f” while “a” would stay the same!

Mystery solved :slight_smile:


depending on the OS you should be able to select layout based on device, so you should be able to have a Dvorak keyboard and a QWERTY layout selected for the KBR1

That was a really great catch @anon3825968.