Differences between VivoKey Spark 2 and NExT RFID + NFC

I am looking to implement a chip of these 2, my question is if the vivokey has the same functions as the NExT RFID + NFC chip or the NExT RFID + NFC has functions that the vivokey spark 2 does not have

Both implants are quite different. Both implants share some similarities, such as being able to use the KBR1, but there are a lot of differences. Here are some unique features to each one:

Spark 2:

  • Capable of cryptography and encryption
  • Connects to the VivoKey ecosystem, allowing several integrations with your implant and the services it provides
  • Will most likely gain new features as VivoKey expands


  • Two chips in one (xEM, LF and xNT, HF)
  • The Spark only has NFC, the NExT has both an NFC and an LF chip
  • Can be wired into the xEM access controller to allow access to doors, toolboxes, garages, etc
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If that’s what you have narrowed your choices down to, I would personally recommend the NExT.

It is a great first implant.

The Spark2 has been superceded, and has its place in the arsenal, but It would not be my first choice for somebody