Digital lock compatibility

Hey Fellow cyborgs :joy:

Needing some assistance in checking compatibility suitability of some digital locks!

I’ve been looking through the compatibility matrix for the ones that have been tested but wondering if anyone can help working out if this one would work:


I held my next up against a unit at my local Bunnings and had the response of this badge is not a registered pair- but in pairing mode I wasn’t able to get it to pair…

Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated, I just like the fact this unit also has the wifi connectivity of remote one time passwords ect and is an all in one unit.


Oh, so that’s how it is, is it?
We don’t see you for 2 years, and then you come crawling back when you want something!!!

Cool, Welcome back :pbjtime:

I might be popping into a Bunnings today, if they have one out on display, I’ll give it a try and let you know how I go.

The master password on the demo I watched was


Was that the same for your display lock?

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Hahaha one truely never leaves this forum, just lurk in the shadows :wink:

And yeah same as my local Bunnings, i could get it notice my tag when it wasn’t paired. Removed the “door closed” tag and put it into that pairing mentioned but just couldn’t get it to notice the chip.

If you manage to try/get it to work please let me know!!! Possibly the em part of my next that I’ve never played with?


Of course.
I didn’t manage to get in there today, so should it be tomorrow or overmorrow.

I know they have them in stock at my local Bunnings, I just don’t know if there is a display model

:thinking: I’m not sure if they use LF, great if they do (well from an “US” point of view, not so much security)
The other Samsung locks I am aware of are HF.

I will take some basic diagnostic stuff with me

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Thanks papa pilgrim :kissing_heart: we all appreciate you guys so much!

I’ll look forward to the info you can gather. I appreciate it.

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